NBA Street update

New information on and media from NBA Street for the Sony PlayStation 2.


Electronic Arts has released further details on its PlayStation 2 street basketball game, NBA Street. One of the primary features in the game is the momentum meter, which increases incrementally as players perform different dribble moves--the harder the move, the more momentum the player gains. Additionally, there are several dribble moves in the game, including fake crossovers, behind-the-back moves, and more complex variations, all animated realistically through the use of motion-capture. The commentary in NBA Street is provided by a fictional character known as Joe "The Show" Jackson, who introduces the matchups and players before the game.

NBA Street will feature both real-life and fictional street courts, which are based in such locations as Los Angeles, Boston, and New York City. Naturally, each of these various locations will have its own weather effects, such as the bright sun in LA and snow on the courts in the Northeast. NBA Street can be played in either a single-player or two-player mode. The game will be released on the PlayStation 2 in the spring.

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