NBA Street Homecourt demo tips off tomorrow

Melo takes on Rip in demo of EA's latest blacktop baller; game to seven takes place at Venice Beach.


Where's the sucker-punch-a-guy-and-get-a-15-game-suspension button?
Where's the sucker-punch-a-guy-and-get-a-15-game-suspension button?

The demo for Def Jam: Icon may have been pushed back slightly, but that doesn't mean Electronic Arts isn't bringing anything to Xbox Live Marketplace this week. The publisher has revealed that the demo for NBA Street Homecourt will be released tomorrow over Xbox Live.

The demo lets gamers scout out the game as either cover athlete Carmelo Anthony of the Denver Nuggets or Richard Hamilton of the Detroit Pistons. The demo for the over-the-top basketball game is limited to a first-to-seven contest and is set on the famous outdoor courts of Venice Beach.

NBA Street Homecourt will be released on February 20 for the Xbox 360 and on March 6 for the PlayStation 3. For more information, read GameSpot's previous coverage.

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Got it!!! WOO HOO!!

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you guyz are retarded nba street waz originally and always waz a ps only game until next gen so its not gonna be ported from 360 2 ps3 it mite jus be the other way around

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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The demo is cool I like playing as A.I obvisously cant wait to buy the actual game.

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PS3 is pissing me off, no demo for PS Store. That's BS. If they can get one for Xbox Live, why cant they for PS3? It'll probably suck for PS3 anyways if its ported from 360 and not developed the same as 360's.

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Can't wait for this one

Avatar image for Generic_Dude

I'll have to get around playing this... hate basketball, but like playing it, y'know? Venice beach is aight too... they should have Hulk Hogan as an unlockable. Hulkamania FTW... 'cause whatcha gonna do, when Hulkamania runs all over your D, son?

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There is no PS3 demo since this is a game originally designed for the xbox 360 in mind and being ported over to ps3. so the 360 game is further along in development. I hate cross platform games booooo

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Maybe they will have snitches in the game so you can sucker punch 'em like Carmelo lol.

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Where is the PS3 demo?? :lol: :lol: :D

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I'm going to have to check out the demo in the coming days, i'll actually probally download it now, see if i want to pick up the game or not. I like NBA Street but i haven't really gotten into it for a long time. But maybe this new next-gen game will get me back into it.

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i think the Homecourt demo was too short. Only up to 7 points, grrrr! I'm going to wait on the reviews for this one.

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Enough with the ps3 i like the ps3 but us xbox live we have to pay at least they give us free demos you don't have to pay for anything

Avatar image for xlassiter

I can't wait for my's to finsh downloading

Avatar image for jcloverboy

I really hope this game is as good as it's looking.

Avatar image for TRH4469

hope this one is as good as street 2

Avatar image for Paul_TheGreat

Why no PS3 demo.

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just played the demo and its awesome. smooth animations, trick system is better, frame rate was good, and the graphics (especially the players) are a bonus. can't wait for the total package.

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When you pay for service you can demand stuff like this, at least get the demo first. Unlike the PSN you have to deal with what you get for free.

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I'll give it a shot. It looked fun when it was shown on On The Spot a while back. I'll be playing as Rip though. I have too much respect for myself to play as a guy that sucker punches a dude that's being held but then back peddles down the court when someone comes after me for doing it. :lol:

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So many new demos lately, great ones too. GRAW 2, and now NBA Street Homecourt with a Def Jam demo on the way :)

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yeah!!! Good news!!

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lol too bad for Sony, yeah right! How is your free "internet strategy" going!?

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Yes I can't wait I will buy this game no matter what. Go lakers!!!!!!

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hahahahahahaha.................. sony pwned again!!!!! you gotta love it:D

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any news on when def jam demo going to be out??

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Nice...can't wait to see how this NBA Street shapes out.

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this series pwns any other Basketball series! CanT wait to ball with Melo!

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What the- no PS3 demo again? I will try the Xbox 360 demo, but I would like to see and try these games on PS3!

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this game is gunna kick some serious @$$. l absolutely loved V2, just was so fun to play, this shall be greatness. cant wait.

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this demo is already on my OXM demo disc.

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its good to be an 360 owner these days, finally we are getting some good demos

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Another reason why xbox 360 is the place to be! Love ya microsoft... keep them coming yet again ps3 lets down its customers,give them something?

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w00t !

Avatar image for symbspider

No ps3 demo?

Avatar image for donscrillinger

lets just hope this DEMO comes out ,and they dont come with we want to bring it out world wide ,A DEMO ,lame

Avatar image for stiker71

I didnt know the game had RIP in it thats sweet.

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This game is going to be the greatest

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nice, i loved vol. 2, i hope this one is way better though

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wheres the ps3 version?

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I might get this game unless the demo sucks. Seems like a fun game.

Avatar image for Re_ensurer

I might actually download this up.

Avatar image for nektahh

makes no difference to me.. I still can't play my 360 since I will be sending it back to MS for the second time in one month.

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Avatar image for Lt_J_Dangle

C'mon Sony, I wanna get a chance to play as Rip!!!

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You get what you pay for I guess! DEMOS AND CONTENT!

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I'm overdosing. Live is the real deal.

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