NBA Star Kevin Durant Played Xbox for Two Days Straight After Picking Golden State

Durant says he stayed inside, playing Xbox, to avoid negative criticism of his choice to go to the Warriors.


After ex-Oklahoma City Thunder player Kevin Durant made his choice to go to the Golden State Warriors, the team that had just set a regular season record for wins and houses a two-time reigning MVP, he was pelted by criticism. To avoid it, he stayed in his house and played Xbox for two days straight.

USA Today reports that Durant didn't go outside because he wanted to "be around family and positive support."

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"I didn't leave my bed because I was like, 'Man, if I walk outside somebody might just try to hit me with their car or say anything negative to me,'" the basketball star said. Durant's decision was followed by the aforementioned two days of Xbox with his younger brother, Rayvonne. It's not clear what video game Durant played.

In 2010, Durant told ESPN that all he does "is play video games." He was also supposed to be the first cover athlete for the cancelled NBA Elite series.

"My mom used to tell me I play a little too much, but now that I'm on the cover, she's out there buying my games," Durant said at the time.

"I have a 360 and a PS3, but I really play my 360 more than anything," Durant continued. "I got my red controller and my black controller, and I'm always on the red. I go online all the time. I'm big into Madden. Last year, I used to just pick random teams, but this year it's all about the Washington Redskins in the game."

Durant isn't the first video gaming NBA player. Brooklyn Nets point guard Jeremy Lin is an outspoken Dota 2 player and Utah Jazz forward Gordon Hayward has said that, outside of basketball, gaming is his one true passion. Hayward even defended video games against sports show host Colin Cowherd.

Hayward wrote an article for The Player's Tribune earlier this year, talking about how gaming "probably made [him] better" at basketball. He also said that professional gamers train just as hard as pro athletes when pushing forward to master their craft.

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