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NBA Shutdown Is Causing Issues For NBA 2K20

When art can't imitate life.


Thanks to the coronavirus, the NBA season has been put on hold. While the choice was made in the interest of the player and public health, there's one thing they didn’t consider--how it would affect NBA 2K20.

One of the main features of NBA 2K20 is the MyLeague mode, which allows the player to build a career based on the current season and stats of the NBA. While creating a pretty realistic game mode and experience for the player, this requires 2K20 to pull from the official schedule and statistics online in real time, in real time. Kotaku is reporting that, without this data the game has no idea what to do. Since the games have ceased, the game now struggles to simulate results, but when it finds no new data it simply crashes.

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This is an unprecedented situation for for 2K, as they could not have predicted the suspension of the season. It's unclear how the developer will handle this, but we'd anticipate an update soon.

Stay tuned for more updates on the situation as it unfolds.

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