NBA 2K22 Cover Athletes Include Luka Doncic, WNBA's Candace Parker

NBA 2K22 will have a wide array of cover athletes through different versions, including the first female star and a trio of historical NBA legends.


NBA 2K22 will be getting three variations of cover athletes, paying homage to current greats in the NBA and WNBA as well as historical legends. The standard and cross-gen digital version will feature NBA All-Star Luka Dončić.

North American players can get a special alternate standard edition featuring WNBA champion Candace Parker, through GameStop and EB Games. This will mark the first female cover athlete in NBA 2K history. Japan is also getting a special version featuring Wizards player Rui Hachimura, the first Japanese player to reach the NBA playoffs.

Meanwhile, the NBA 75th Anniversary Edition features a trio of players who had a big impact on the sport: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Dirk Nowitzki, and Kevin Durant.

The standard edition will be $60 on PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC, and $70 on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. The cross-gen bundle will be $80 and give you access to both generations, within the same console family. The 75th Anniversary Edition will be $100 and include cross-gen access as well. Both the cross-gen bundle and 75th Anniversary Edition include artwork from Charly Palmer, known for his "Civil Rights" series of paintings.

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"Making the global cover of NBA 2K22 is special for me," Dončić said in the announcement. "I'm proud to represent my country in a special cover that honors the colors of the Slovenian flag. Basketball has given me so much, and I'm excited to give back and work together with 2K Foundations this year to help the lives of young kids around the globe."

NBA 2K22 is coming on September 10, 2021. 2K promises more details in the coming weeks, including announcements surrounding new features, the soundtrack, and live service updates.

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