NBA 2K19 Is Making Lots Of Changes To MyTeam Mode

Visual Concepts outlines the major changes in this year's iteration of MyTeam.

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NBA 2K19 is less than a month away, and like previous installments in the long-running series, it will feature the popular MyTeam mode--albeit with quite a few changes. Developer Visual Concepts has shared a new blog post that details the numerous tweaks and adjustments it is making to this year's iteration of MyTeam.

Foremost, the developer says it will release new packs and other content more frequently to avoid the content droughts that players experienced in NBA 2K18. Visual Concepts also says that the pace at which you get the best types of cards will be improved. This time, the developer says it'll be possible to pull Amethyst cards right from launch. Diamond cards will likewise appear much earlier than before, and a Pink Diamond is planned for September.

In addition to those adjustments, card packs in NBA 2K19 are now tiered, a change Visual Concepts says provides "a wider array of options when making your selections." The developer used Throwback packs as an example; in NBA 2K18, these wouldn't necessarily contain a Throwback player despite their name, but all Throwback packs in this year's title are guaranteed to have one.

There will also be a handful of new modes in this year's iteration of MyTeam. Pack & Playoffs and Supermax have been removed, and in their place are the brand-new MyTeam Unlimited and Triple Threat modes. The former is an online mode in which players take their best lineup of 13 athletes and compete against others to get as many wins as possible and earn Reward Tokens, free card packs, and other rewards. If you manage to go 12-0, you'll also earn an exclusive Player of the Month card.

Triple Threat, meanwhile, is a new three-on-three single-player mode in which players compete against all 30 teams in the NBA. Before the start of each game, players will be able to drop a ball down a pachinko-like board to decide which team they'll compete against. NBA 2K19 also features an online version of the mode--appropriately called Triple Threat Online--in which players compete in three-on-three matches against others around the globe.

You can read the full list of changes in this year's MyTeam mode in the developer's blog post. NBA 2K19 launches for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch on September 11, while the premium 20th Anniversary Edition of the game launches several days earlier, on September 7. You can read more details in our NBA 2K19 pre-order guide.

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