NBA 2K17 Cover Star Revealed

Three-time NBA All-Star Paul George announced for the cover of this year's game.


2K Sports has announced Indiana Pacers forward Paul George, a three-time NBA all-star who also played for Team USA, will be on the cover of NBA 2K17.

This announcement was made as part of the NBA 2K16 Road to the Finals competitive gaming event. A team called The Drewkerbockers ended up winning, splitting a $250,000 prize with the second place team, GFGeSports.

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Last year's NBA 2K16 had three cover stars: Anthony Davis, Stephen Curry, and James Harden. George is making his debut as the cover star of a mainline NBA 2K game, but was previously on the digital cover of the NBA 2K companion app.

George isn't the only cover athlete for NBA 2K17. 2K Sports is honoring NBA icon Kobe Bryant, who retired this year, with an $80 "Legend Edition." This comes with an assortment of both physical and digital items; you can see everything it contains here.

NBA 2K17 launches in September for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC.

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Just for those who don't know. Paul George was a rising superstar when he suffered an injury am during training camp for USA basketball. It wasn't just an injury though. Go YouTube it. His shin basically snapped in half. You can see it happen on the video. It's pretty awful. Some players quit the team after that for fear of injury and everyone thought that was it for George. Even if he returned he'd never be the same. Well, not only did he return but he was one of the most productive and exciting players in the NBA this season and led his otherwise not very good team to the playoffs where they held on for seven games ultimately losing to second seed Toronto Raptors (who were expected to stomp on them). Unprecedented performance for someone coming back after an injury as gruesome as his. The dude is amazing.

Anyway. Just so you know :)

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@scraggly_bear: Thanks

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Odd choice.

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