NBA 2K15's First PS4 Gameplay Video Revealed, Crowds Now Hold Up Giant Kevin Durant Heads

Check out what this year's NBA 2K game looks like in motion.


NBA 2K15

The very first gameplay footage from the upcoming NBA 2K15 has been revealed today. While unfortunately very brief, it does offer us a look at the PS4 version's improved visuals and cover star Kevin Durant's dunking ability.

The video shows Durant, the Oklahoma City Thunder forward and reigning NBA MVP, dribbling up the court before driving to the basket and dunking on the Golden State Warriors' Andre Iguodala. (Poor Iggy.)

2K Sports says the video offers a look at "new animations" and "new crowd elements," but doesn't specify what these are. Watching the video, the giant Kevin Durant heads being held up by fans in the crowd stuck out to me even more than the impressive visual quality of the players.

The end of the video mentions a bonus pack players will receive for preordering (except for PSN preorders, which will offer a separate bonus). This pack consists of a throwback Kevin Durant MyTeam card (how a 25-year-old can have a throwback anything, I do not know), two MyTeam card packs, Durant-inspired leg sleeves for use in MyPlayer mode, and 5,000 Virtual Currency (the in-game currency which, for many players, ruined 2K14).

Durant was named 2K15's cover star back in May. Last month, musician Pharrell Williams was announced to be curating the game's soundtrack. 2K15 is due out for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PC in North America on October 7, the same day as EA Sports' Xbox One/PS4-only NBA Live 15.

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