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NBA 2K15's Face Scans Resulting in Terrifyingly Hilarious Monsters

The horror.

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One of NBA 2K15's new features shown off not long before launch was the ability to create a character by scanning your face with your Xbox One Kinect or PlayStation 4 camera. 2K's above video made it look easy and as if the results could be outstanding. Under the right conditions, the latter might be the case, but some of the early results have been… unsightly, to be kind.

After installing the game last night, I was prompted to create a character. I was eager to see how the face-scanning worked, so I went through the steps. It was a challenge to be close to the camera and get my face inside the on-screen box, but once I lined up my face correctly, I slowly moved my face left to right, as instructed. This is what came out (pardon the picture quality, but I was taken aback):

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Horrifying. Additional attempts yielded equally ugly, multi-mouthed monstrosities.

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I have made some characters who do look reasonably normal, but there's often some hitch, such as it looking as if my character just came from saving kittens from a fire.

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Unfortunately, while the face itself looks reasonably accurate in that picture, the edits you can make are limited to the face's shape and other details (hair, eye color, etc.). There's no way to get rid of the splotches, for instance. And, on an unrelated note, my last name--Pereira--is inexplicably deemed to contain inappropriate language, rendering it unusable.

Considering how some other players' faces have come out, though, those aren't such bad problems to have. Here are some of the ones we've seen so far on Twitter; feel free to share your own in the comments below.

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