NBA 2K15 Says the Golden State Warriors Will Be Your 2015 NBA Champs

2K's sports sim predicts the outcome of the 2015 NBA playoffs.

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The NBA playoffs begin today, and if you're so inclined, you can skip the next two months of professional basketball. The Golden State Warriors will be the 2014-15 NBA champions, at least according to an NBA 2K15 simulation.

As all sports game makers do (see: EA with Madden and NHL 15), 2K has used its latest game to predict the outcome of the playoffs. The Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers--the two favorites, at least according to betting odds--will meet in the Finals, with the Warriors coming out on top in a six-game series.

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You can see the full bracket above for how things turned out. There weren't many upsets--the Spurs are favored over the Clippers in real life despite being the lower seed--or surprises, perhaps save for the Nets actually winning a game (keep in mind, I'm a Knicks fan).

Despite being a weak defensive team in real life, 2K notes in its full summary of the simulated playoffs that it was the Cavs' defense that helped them to top the Atlanta Hawks in the Eastern Conference Finals. That defense wouldn't hold up, even in 2K's sim, as the Warriors' Steph Curry would score 40-plus points in the fifth and sixth games of the Finals--a Warriors loss and a win, respectively--to win the NBA Championship.

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Cleveland 4-1 Bulls? Doubt it...Rose must've got hurt again.

Avatar image for parabola15

Got to get past my Spurs first. GO SPURS GO!!!

Avatar image for Phooey442

I'm a Pelicans fan all the way, but I got to say it is really fun to watch the Warriors do what they do.

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When I simmed the same bracket, the Bulls won.

Avatar image for mattfroonjian

@entyme53: Is there a playoff mode in the game? I've haven't found it anywhere

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@entyme53: LOL!! It'll either be the Warriors or Clippers in the finals, I don't know about the Eastern Conference. You would think Cleveland would make it, but I don't know.

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dont rely on shooting teams ..especially in playoffs..i dont say GSW wont win the champ..but i dont rely on shooting..never..besides memphis and SA can teach them lessons

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@pinkfloyd6789: GS is +10.1 point differential per game. The next best team is the Clippers at +6.6 point differential followed by San Antonio with 6.2.

That's a pretty impressive difference. My nets are at a -2.9 :(

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@RicanV@pinkfloyd6789: Nets are such an ADD team. They are either brilliant or they suck.

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There's also this thing called 'defense'. The Warriors know a thing or two about it, if you haven't noticed.

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@reduc_ab_: "DEFENSE" that's a bold strategy Cotton.

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memphis will grind out portland..thats a fact

Avatar image for the_bi99man

Psh. Tell us something we don't know, 2K.

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Looks like a pretty good bracket. I want to see what would happen with the Warriors and Spurs in the finals.

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@kitty: They did meet in the Western Conference finals in this bracket. They can't meet for the championship because they're in the same conference

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This is the year, for sure. They deserve it.

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Hope the Spurs take it Timmy D deserves it

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Come on Atlanta. I just want one championship in this city, in this century.

Avatar image for jeremyc99999

@mnkpro1: If Chicago can't make it, I hope you guys do over Cleveland.

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@mnkpro1: Not with geniuses going go to the club looking for trouble.

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Wtf, that is literally my exact bracket. Scary accurate

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Of course they will. The Best in the West rules the rest.

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Is it football season yet?

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Can we get past statistics pleaseeee of how accurate they are like madden. I'm soo curious, unless this is the first time. :0

Cause supposibly it doesnt matter about hot cold, crowd cheers or boos, its all just odds an statistics. 60/40 player is always just that.

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Uh oh. I know a certain Warriors fan user that will be thrilled to hear this.

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upset prediction: boston over cleveland

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@Oogazi: i hope youre right

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We all know its gona be san antonio spurs all over again

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@Monsterkillah: Im rooting for the Nets! But the West was just too good this year. I would say GSW was a good pick, if not, James Harden and the Rockets. As much as I like the Spurs, I think their age might get to them.

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@RicanV@Monsterkillah: That's been the favorite punchline of Spurs naysayers for years. They have only two really old players, Duncan and Ginobili - of which only Duncan plays big minutes, with great production. Diaw, Parker and Splitter are in their early 30s, so they can't really be considered veterans and still have the physical ability to play for significant stretches. The rest of the roster is composed of either players in their prime or youngsters - and it's been players like Kawhi Leonard, Cory Joseph or Aron Baynes that have gone big for them this season when the older guys were injured or not playing well.

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@hurricanea7x@RicanV@Monsterkillah: GO SPURS GO!!!

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@hurricanea7x: Lived here for years. This MIGHT be the year you make it a repeat since you didn't change the roster too much after a win.