NBA 2K12 covers Magic Johnson, Larry Bird

2K Sports rolls out three new covers for latest hoops effort; Michael Jordan returns to round out the trifecta of NBA legends.


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2K Sports is not afraid to repeat its cover athletes, and this year's cover for NBA 2K12 is no different, except for a slight modification. Today, it revealed the cover art for the upcoming release, and while Michael Jordan returns to grace the game's cover, he is joined by two other great players. This year's game will feature not only His Airness but also the Celtics' Larry Bird and the Lakers' Magic Johnson on separate covers.

While the three athletes' have their own diehard fanbases in Los Angeles, Boston, and Chicago, the covers will not be region-specific. With equal versions of all three covers set to be available throughout all of North America, East Coast gamers might be stuck with a copy of the game featuring Magic Johnson, while b-ball fans in California may only find copies of Larry Bird available on store shelves.

Magic Johnson was always an electrifying player.
Magic Johnson was always an electrifying player.

Initial runs of the game will feature an equal balance among the three former superstars, but Michael Jordan's cover is the de facto version; additional shipments will only feature his cover.

NBA 2K12 is set to tip off October 4. For more on the game, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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