NBA 2K11 getting 3D patch Jan. 16

2K Sports adding new depth-of-field option for enabled televisions beginning next week on the Xbox 360 and PS3; minor game tweaks also included with update.


No Caption Provided NBA 2K11 won warm reception, helped publisher Take-Two's bottom line, and was the tenth-best-selling title of 2010, but the game will soon enter an entirely new dimension.

2K Sports today sent word that the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of NBA 2K11 will receive a patch on January 16 that will add 3D functionality to Visual Concepts' basketball simulator. Users must, of course, own a 3D-enabled television to score the new perspective.

LeBron's sprained ankle is even more pronounced in 3D.
LeBron's sprained ankle is even more pronounced in 3D.

Also included in the update will be minor tweaks to the title. The changes were not specifically named but are said to revolve around the online component of NBA 2K11 and to "enhance the experience" of the game.

Currently, those wishing to play NBA 2K11 in three dimensions can purchase it at electronics retailer Best Buy, where a 3D-ready version of the game is exclusively available for the PlayStation 3.

For more on the hardwood sim, check out GameSpot's review of NBA 2K11.

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