NBA 2K Mobile Season 5 Adds 5-on-5 Tourney Mode, New Cards, And More

Players got a first look at where NBA 2K Mobile is headed with its next content season during GameSpot Swipe.


Season 5 of NBA 2K Mobile is on the horizon, and with it comes a bunch of new content. 2K Games detailed some of what's headed to its mobile basketball title during GameSpot Swipe, with closer looks at an additional Crews court, user interface updates, and a new 5-on-5 Tourney mode.

The Tourney mode is the main event of Season 5, offering players opportunities to play a series of big games that will test their teams across a whole host of difficulty tiers. The rewards are great, however--taking down games will earn you new basketball cards. Your cards now will transfer between seasons, and Season 5 is offering new tiers of cards to collect, as well.

Season 5 offers more than just the Tourney mode, however. There's also a new 3-on-3 court to play on with your Crews team that gives the feel of starting up a pickup game on a playground. Along with the new court, you'll get some new customization options to deck out your players in style.

NBA 2K Mobile is getting a style shakeup of its own for Season 5 as well, with a revamp of the game's user interface to give it a slicker, cleaner look. That'll make navigating through the interface to get into game modes, deal with currency, and organize your roster that much easier.

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