Navarro, Zildjian sign with Guitar Hero II

Former Jane's Addiction guitarist to sign autographs at game's LA launch; Boss, Gibson, and Roland join drum company in guitar sim.


Guitar Hero II, the rhythm-based rocker for the PlayStation 2, is getting some rock-star power to help promote its Los Angeles launch. On hand to debut the game to retail will be Dave Navarro, former guitarist of Jane's Addiction and The Red Hot Chili Peppers and former cohost of the reality show Rock Star: Supernova.

Navarro will meet fans and sign autographs at the Best Buy in West Los Angeles when the clock strikes 12:00 a.m. on November 7. Gamers can get their Guitar Hero SG guitar controllers signed by the musician, whose former band, Jane's Addiction, has a song featured in the game.

Game publisher RedOctane today also announced the list of real-world music-gear manufacturers that will be featured in the game. Gamers will rock out with digital versions of equipment from BOSS Effectors, DW Drums, Eden Bass Amplification, EMG, Epiphone, Ernie Ball Strings, Gibson Guitar, Guitar Center, Hofner, Kramer, Krank, Line 6, Mesa Boogie, MusicMan Basses, Orange, Randall Amplifiers, Roland, VHT, and Zildjian.

For more information on Guitar Hero II, read GameSpot's previous coverage.

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HyperGlow, it's good to know that there is someone who has a decent view of selling out. But I don't feel that politics is ground for selling out, at least for musicians. For me, it's about the music. When a musician voices his/her opinion about anything that doesn't involve music, I won't hold it against that person. If I find out that my favorite musician turned out to be a hardcore conservative, it won't change the fact that I enjoyed that person's music for a while, as long was it was good. That's all it is for me. The music.

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It's not because we practically like the guy, we just hate how emo kids like you toss around "sell out" when you people don't even know what it means. *sigh* I was gonna type more stuff here, but your kind (the immature and ignorant) is a lost cause.

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I'm just going to throw out there, that selling out is a term that should only be used when a band changes their sound, act or style, to accommodate successes. You can't call a band sellouts for getting popular within the bounds of their sound or their sounds progression. Calling someone a sell out because they try to sell something is stupid, because every group out there does that. A good example of actually selling out, is Disturbed. I read an article where the lead signer came out and said that “radio was a different monster in Europe, and they had to think about that with this record” (Ten Thousand Fists; and slightly paraphrased). Broke my damned heart, because I loved Disturbed, and they jumped on this hate Bush band wagon, for play in Europe. When a band betrays their core fans like this, that is selling out. Endorsing a Video game (especially one that rocks, literally) is NOT selling out.

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Im not complaining man, its just what I think. Some people post their thoughts on here, some say things like "who is he?" or "should of had *enter guitarrist here* instead". So i merely just get in on the topic at hand, if it was some kind of rebutal againt this, dude, I seriously wouldnt even start a band just for that, let alone posting it on a gaming forum. Point being, I dont think many other guitarrists would sign for this, thats all. Its no big deal right? Why people get so annoyed about this is just crazy! :P Obviously you guys are some old-style chilli peppers fans or something, think i treaded on a nerve there ;) Maybe the guy likes the game, maybe he doesnt and he's just doing it for the cash... all I know is my fave guitarrists dont do this kind of thing, and thats what Im used to. Where Dave Navarro goes to promote games, Paul Gilbert is out making another goofy but great tuitional video.. Sorry to hurt your feelings guys, didnt know how much you loved this man :(

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GrimBee, you can calm down..... everything you read or wear and see or hear on TV is a product begging for your dirty who really cares if some guitarist signs GH copies, what if he's a fan of the game and is doing it because he likes it. Is he still selling out? You could pretty much claim anyone has sold out these days according to the strict rules people like you lay down. If you like to complain, form your own band and go unnoticed by the entire world for the length of your career....good luck.

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Navarro? Dave? who's that? only navarro i know is Alex.

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"It's a comment window, not the Soapbox section." Ah I love contradictions! :P

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Damn GrimBee, unhappy childhood or something? Try caring alittle less and letting people live thier own lives. It's a comment window, not the Soapbox section.

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Shortened post due to rampant emo-types attacking someones point of view. In MY opinion, a truely great musician would steer clear of such a signing event. Alot of good guitarrists are happy when people actually play along to their songs on a real instrument, not a toy. I can see how he may think that he may be supporting the industry, but for this signing event he is basically selling out to make a fast buck. End of story. It's quite clear. And thats what I think, feel free to bash on the Mighty GrimBee in the whole "i am an internet person who is IMPORTANT, right guys?" manner.. I like to post my thoughts, don't think it will change the world. But it is funny how people can get annoyed at some internet post :P lol Im sure Navarro is a good guitarrist, but to answer a question by a member below.. I don't think many other guitarrists would sign for this, because they are about the music, not the guys who play dance dance revolution with their fingers and whammy bar. I mention this because someone on here said that they wanted tom morello on here, and I think that Dave N is selling out to the disposable generation (lol! emo attack!!!) and the reason why Tom isn't here is because he probably would flat out refuse them, and in true rock and roll fashion give em the flick and be on his way. Or something. It's not rock to sign toys, thats my opinion. ;)

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It also seems that GrimBee is another teenage "anti-fame" emo, punk, metal whatever kid. Commercial endorsements does NOT mean selling out. I swear, when someone finds fame, people like GrimBee are always tossing out the phrase "sellout" so loosely. They don't even know what it means anymore. Psh, ignorant kids....

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what's wrong with Dave Navarro? jessia is a good song. he obviously is talented and is a great guitar player if he has made a lot of money of this song. you, GrimBee, are obviously new to the whole music world because you are totally wrong. he USED to play guitar and he is giving a chance for newer age kids a chance to play his song and see who was actually apart of the great song it was. and he is a great guitarrist to look up to because he was totally about playing the guitar for fun, and he is trying to let us know how that felt for him to play this song in particular, just not on a real guitar

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I think whoever puts their name even NEAR guitar hero guitars is just.. stupidly commercial. You wont find many true great guitarrist have anything to do with this because if they wanted you to pick up a guitar, it would be a real one. Having being a guitarrist myself, I would never have my name endorse this because it goes totally against why I play guitar in the first place! Since awful songs (like from greenday etc) became commercial, those easy riffs are easily bar-chorded by wannabe's and it loses the FEEL of the music completely. With guitar hero, all of the major guitarrists have their own technique and usually promote people to have their own, not just churn out the same old bar-chord riffs like everyone else. Whoever puts their name on this, basically is not a guitarrist to look up to. Because its because of people like that, that the music is so uninspired today. Its nice to play along to the great songs on guitar hero on the toy guitar, but its no different from dance dance revolution and donkey kongs (imo). Its like michael jackson indorsing the dance mats!! I mean, if you cant moonwalk on a dance mat, whats the point?! Likewise with the endorsments/signatures... whoever supports a method that they dont even use themselves... hmm.. if i was them I would get off my butt and promote the industry im in to make it better, not come onto another industry just to make some cash. It doesnt matter WHO endorses this, well... if you see anyone from metallica signing for this then basically they have sold themselves out to commercialism (once again).

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they should have gotten Tom Morello instead of Navarro

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I'd rather have John Tam (the guy who produced Guitar Hero) to sign the guitars. Does anyone know if John will be there?

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i dont care for the autographs

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That explains why Red Octane with Guitar Hero 2 was here at my work the other day. I work for a radio station in L.A. where Dave N. happens to have his own radio show on. Makes sense now that I think about it, they did mention his name. Oh and I got to play the game, freaken sweet...

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I prefer A. NAVARRO...

Avatar image for CheddarLimbo

Man, I thought Alex Navarro, too!

Avatar image for GrimBee

lol i thought Alex Navarro had something to do with this by the title... but then i thought "no! hes awful at the drums, why would he do that?" lol :P

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"Navarro is a putz." He did put it in Carmen Electra for a few years.

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This is a case of in-game advertising that makes sense.

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What?!? Effects?!? NICE! I was just thinking that that was what the game needs! Very cool!

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dandoc2; The 360 version is due some time next year, I believe. Around March maybe. To coincide with the Europe release of the PS3, perhaps?

Avatar image for dandoc2

Whens the 360 version coming aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhh

Avatar image for BlackdogGT

Has Dave Navarro done something to garner this much fame?

Avatar image for Kingsnake976

Does having a Dave Navarro autograph on it lower the value on my game controller? Hmmm......

Avatar image for metdevthegamer

Dude is everywhere these days. Why not let Alex sign guitars instead?

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Navarro is a putz.

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I play Gibson, Mesa Boogie, Line 6, Boss and Zildjian personally...I've always been satisfied with their stuff. That's quite a solid list of featured manufacturers, actually. As for Dave Navarro, well, he's probably not one of the guys I would've approached to promote the game, but he's got plenty of free time, I guess.

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I would've been all for this 10 years ago. Dave is a useless media whore now. It's like getting Paris Hilton to sign at your launch.

Avatar image for kurayatin

I'd rather get an autograph from Alex Navarro than Dave Navarro anyday.

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I have zero interest in this rock 'n roll stuff the kids all seem to be into, but I clicked this thread for the sake of dear Alex Navarro, only to find that it concerns (presumably) his evil twin, Dave. I demand my money back for this disappointment. Better yet, I demand double my money back. I'm not willing to stand this kind of outrage.

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Thats cool if i got my Guitar controller signed by a rockstar!

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Avatar image for Devil_May_Asian

I'd rather have an autograph from Nathan Explosion and Skwisgaar Skwigelf....but I guess Navarro's would be nice. Not that I'm going. It's a long ways away. :(

Avatar image for Generic_Dude

Sweet... MusicMan Basses FTW.

Avatar image for PoopTete

Alex Navarro is a cool dude.

Avatar image for Valen_Ca

I can't wait for this game, sure I suck hard at the first one but I have fun doing it and that's what matters.

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Avatar image for luis7989_7

LOL !!!!!!!

Avatar image for ShweyGamer


Avatar image for YellowPik

What about Alex Navarro?

Avatar image for mechberg

Hmm I wonder if they'll have my bass in the game.

Avatar image for xmg0

Cool, I'll be expecting to play it on launch.

Avatar image for vaejas

Mmmmm.. product placement... See, we don't mind advertising in games. Just no metrics, k?

Avatar image for kgansor

I can't wait for this game! guitar hero was one of the most fun games ive ever played.. its great to play alone and its definatly one of the best games ive had to play with multiple people (taking turns and such) its great fun. especially for new ppl who dont know how to play :lol:

Avatar image for gametester1424

I used to love seeing Janes back in the day, now they are no more and Dave Navarro whores himself out yet again, big surprise. On a lighter note, i like the fact that name brands are in the game, but it is in appearance only. If I could play Guitar Hero II and pick my guitar and amp and actually hear a difference "in game", that would give me reason to celebrate.

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sweeeeet!!!! \m/

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I'll admit it- I read the headline and thought it was Alex Navarro of this site. Anyway, this game is being hyped more than a Grand Theft Auto game. Dare I say it, there is more hype surrounding this game than the PS3!

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