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Naughty Dog readies The Last of Us

[UPDATE] Trailer for Uncharted developer's next PS3 exclusive features father-daughter survival duo fighting humanoid monsters amid the ruins of civilization.


Naughty Dog's next project will be The Last of Us. At the Spike Video Game Awards tonight, a trailer for the game revealed the first details of the studio's next project.

The Last of Us will be yet another chance to see society regress into chaos, only this time in game form!
The Last of Us will be yet another chance to see society regress into chaos, only this time in game form!

The trailer showed an old man and a young girl struggling with humanoid monsters in a ruined home. The girl's voice-over explains that they have a routine of going from place to place, staving off the monsters in an attempt to survive. They bust out a door and the camera reveals they are in the middle of a downtown area in total disrepair and overgrown with vegetation.

The clip did not show a platform or release date for the project, but it had been previously teased as a PlayStation 3-exclusive title. A teaser site for the game features two video clips. The first shows real-life news footage of civil unrest and rioting, with a voice-over hinting at a US-centric point of view. The second clip, shorter than the first, simply shows footage of an insect in its natural habitat and does not feature any voice-over.

[UPDATE] Following the game's announcement, Naughty Dog creative director Neil Druckmann tweeted that he has already sunk two years into developing the title. Sony has yet to offer a date for when the PS3 exclusive will arrive on store shelves.

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