Naughty Dog passing on PS Vita

Uncharted developer waiting for "the right handheld" to emerge before developing portable games, but "won't say never."


Uncharted developer Naughty Dog has never created a portable game, and that isn't changing with the PlayStation Vita. Studio community manager Arne Meyer confirmed recently that the developer is not working on anything for the PS Vita and is waiting for "the right handheld" before it takes its first step into the portable gaming market.

Naughty Dog remains focused on console game development.
Naughty Dog remains focused on console game development.

"I hate to sound like a treading the line spin-meister here, but I've said that traditionally consoles have played to our strengths--and desires to push the utmost limit of resources and memory our tech and engine," he said in a forum post on NeoGAF. "That can change with the right handheld, as why I said I won't ever say 'never' but we hadn't encountered that yet."

Meyer did not shut the door on the PS Vita altogether, saying, "I won't say never, ever, but there's no plans for it right now."

Meyer's post was in response to statements made by a Sony marketing manager, who indicated that all of the company's studios were working on something for the PS Vita. Uncharted: Golden Abyss shipped for the PS Vita last week, but development on the project was handled by Sony Bend.

Naughty Dog is presently at work developing the PlayStation 3-exclusive survival game The Last of Us, which is due out late this year or early next.

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Sony needs to stop making ass-umptions and lying...

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Sony needed to stop being nice and think like a company

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@davsonamission what we want is vita to become the very successful- we dont need ND for that, just some really good low price game !!! vita forever !!

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your sony's b****, you don't decide whether you want to make a game or not... :P

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@shadowhunter0 Yea piracy was a huge problem on the psp but I just feel as though Sony never took the psp serious in the first place because they never commissioned any of there world class developers that make all these amazing experiences on the PS3 to make games on the psp . hopefully this will not be the same on the Vita.

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Well that too bad for now. Hopefully when they do make a game for the Vita it will be amazing.

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wow that explains all the reviews i read about the vita uncharted game (which were not as good as expected) im a huge uncharted fan but all reviews for the vita version didnt exactly make me wanna get that game im surprised as i thought it was naughty dog who had done it anyway im glad theyre focusing on the tv consoles and not handhelds - i love handhelds but ehm yeah uncharted is such an awesome series - so please big screen so i can see all its prettyness and some local co op would be nice if the series got too

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I'm planning on getting a Vita but to be honest this doesn't bother me, I'd much rather have Naughty Dog putting their effort into their AAA games on the PlayStation consoles than for the portable market. Uncharted 4 is now starting development and the Last of Us will no doubt be spectacular. Right move for the moment I say, keep on bringing the goodies for the console market :)

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Sad, I could see Naughty Dog bringing some really amazing content to that handheld. I'm not planning on picking up a PS Vita yet, but I hope it does well, along with the 3DS, to show the industry that people don't just play games on their smartphone.

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@Marky360 actually the biggest problem with psp was piracy if it wasn't for all the losers that pirated the games which is illegal btw and instead bought the games the psp would have been a bigger success and Sony has 2 teams that makes games one makes games for Sony console and the other for handhelds because that is what they are good at like ND is great at making console games btw people from ND did help with the story and narration of uncharted golden abyss

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Thats because they are looking at the hype for the Vita. Hype = 0.00001

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Honestly I think this is what the biggest problem the orignal psp had and it looks like it will continue with the Vita Sony doesn't commission any of there major development teams to make games for there handhelds. through out the life of the psp none of the major Sony development teams like Naughty Dog,Sony Santa Monica or even Insomniac made handheld games there major franchise made appearances but they were always delegated to less well known studios like Sony Bend or Ready at Dawn. If Sony wants gamers to take there portable seriously then I think they should take it seriously and have some of the major players start some major projects on there portable.

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Wtf? It doesn't sound like ND at all, they are all about challenges and if they don't want that challenge on Vita then what? It sounds stupid and out of contest. Worst then loosing is not trying at all.

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Yeah why develop for PS Vita when you can just develop for PS3. Too bad bad Vita got a half-assed version of uncharted anyway. I would like a good portable jak & daxter though.

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lol and people call the vita expensive and say the iphone is cheaper << LINK REMOVED >>

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ACMC85 how were you burned by the PS2? Did you mean PS3? Either way how?

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@shadow ill check it out eventually, waiting for a price drop before I get the psp

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Make a Naruto Generations port for Vita, and it will sell like hotcakes. As for the post ND, shouldn't have said that they are waiting for the right portable, as Vita is going to be the strongest portable gaming machine for years to come. But I think they will make a game when people catch on with this device. Price drop will either happen this year at Tokyo Game Show for Japan or next year guaranteed around E3 time for US, EU, and other regions. Have faith guys the Vita will sell well, and good games will come.

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I love Naughty Dog and miss them so much, since being burned by the PS2, it still hurts. Now a microsoft and nintendo fanboy for the foreseeable future.

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This has to burn sony up, at least they did allow someone else to develop Uncharted for the device

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In Soviet Russia handheld waits on the right DEVELOPER before it takes ITS first step into the portable market. :P Wait that kind of make sense...ha ha ha...

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Ahh Microsoft fanboys are so desperate to spread more FUD. Listen to me now, Naughty Dog is already working on a BRAND NEW PS3 game, leave then alone, a different team can make Uncharted games on PS Vita and btw Uncharted is a GREAT game and part 3 was JUST released last December with online multiplayer that is GREAT. These forum posters have no lives they are just so desperate to take a comment and spin it to build fear of PS Vita... nothing to see here folks.

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It's Sony's call at the end of the day since ND is owned by Sony.

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@kiramasaki actually uncharted didn't tanked it is a great game don't listen to the bias review of this website they game is actually allot of fun to play with a great story I give it an A-

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I read the title of this article thinking it was something major, like ND had been bashing the VITA. This is just business as usual. You've got to give Sony some credit for not being one of those publishers who rules overlord like over it's studios.

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It wasnt the vita's fault that the uncharted game tanked, at least compared to the other games.

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some companies can make great portable games others cant.naughty dog is looking to make bigger games but i believe they could do great things on the vita. that being said i dont play portable games just dont ever have the time when im away from the house and when i am home whats the point i got both xbox 360 and ps3 so really no need too

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That's too bad, considering reviewer's biggest problem with Golden Abyss was its uninteresting narrative. That wouldn't have been a problem if it had been made by Naughty Dog

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smart move.

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Its still early days yet. I remeber when Valve were bringning out the Orange Box and said the PS3 was the biggest pile of turd ever. While people here may still agree with that statment, Valve then brought PC/PS3 crossplay for Portal 2 when they took a proper look at what it can do. We'll see how we go for now

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Hm... seeing as Nintendo never pushes the bar in the technical and graphical department, and seeing as the Vita's sales have so far been extremely disappointing, there might never be a handheld up to Naughty Dog's standards.

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Upon further review, I don't see a problem considering most console-to-handheld spin offs are farmed out to Sony Bend & Ready At Dawn and those two companies do a stellar job. Any and every popular Sony property is going to see the light of day on this device one way or another, so the statement is a non-issue.

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It's cool w/me, especially seeing as how Sony doesn't really force their devs into something they're not comfortable with.

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@beeftaco3232 Not to be rude, but I believe I speak for everyone here when I say that we DON'T want to be your friend, you selfish little rotter, LOL. Go play by yourself and leave us alone.

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I believe they would have done a great job on the PS Vita, but I respect their wishes.

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Let me point out if Sony tells their sorry A## to make a PS Vita game they will, period.

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Arne Meyer, the studio's Senior Manager of Marketing Communications writes, "We're not working on anything for PS Vita. I won't say never, ever, but there's no plans for it right now we've always felt that consoles play to our strengths as a studio the best." So it seems Naughty Dog won't be working on a Vita game anytime soon. but they might in the future

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Good call. I rather they focus their resources on console games.

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...Naughty Dog just made a game for the Vita...we already expect another? Geez, I'm waitin for Bioshock, MGS, and Assassin's Creed...We already gots an Uncharted

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I think there worried that ppl will see how there 4 hour games arent even longer then the Vita's battery life.

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@beeftaco3232 It's obvious that your beef taco is contaminated with mad cow disease!!!!! Back to the thread - As a few commenter's have stated, if there is a big enough demand for the Vita then developers, regardless who they are and what they've said before, will get on board. A price drop and I can easily see the Vita taking off, if it hasn't already. It's always best to never say 'never', which is what Naughty Dog have done.

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@shadowhunter0 Your opinion is your own. I am only posting to let you know that Amazon has the First Edition Bundle in stock right now as I type. If you want it, you can get it.

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@davsonamission well I just found out that report was made before this one

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How interesting. I didn't even know Golden Abyss was developed by another studio. This statement by Meyer is tantamount to describing the Vita as not "the right handheld." (For Uncharted?) Very few of the big PS games will launch concurrently with Vita. Good thing FIFA is, so the Vita may be a success in Europe. I hope the mixed bag of games will carry the Vita launch in the US. If not... One possible outcome that I encourage is Sony's rethinking its Japanese-exclusive games and making its subsidiary studios add English/other language subtitles to Japanese games and release them globally. That will benefit the Vita and probably all future PS systems.

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@shadowhunter0 someone should tell ND this news lmfao ...

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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@hesoyamdon you have a true enough point and honestly they will make titles for PS Vita if there is enough demand. So we will see.... they will jump on it when the waves are riding high I can promise that.

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Naughty Dog was acquired by Sony not too long ago, so all their future titles will be Playstation exclusives.

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I didn't know "The Last of Us" was a Playstation exclusive.

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@beeftaco3232 And you are...?