Naughty Dog hiring for next generation

Uncharted developer seeking character artist for "next-gen games" to create models with 1 million polygons.


Last week a job listing at original Call of Duty shop Infinity Ward suggested the studio was at work on a new entry in the shooter series for next-generation systems. Now, it appears Uncharted developer Naughty Dog is barking up the same tree.

Is Naughty Dog bringing Drake to the next generation?
Is Naughty Dog bringing Drake to the next generation?

A new job listing at Naughty Dog for a character artist states the studio is seeking a person to help build "next-gen games." Additionally, the requisition says this person will be expected to make "million-poly models game-ready." By comparison, the average character polygon count in 2009's Uncharted 2: Among Thieves was 80,000, according to a Gametrailers video.

The job listing did not indicate what franchise the employee would be working on or if it related to an entirely new series. Naughty Dog is most famous for its work on the Crash Bandicoot, Jak, and Uncharted franchises.

As for what Naughty Dog is currently at work on, the California-based studio recently unveiled The Last of Us. The title has been in the works for over two years, according to the developer. For more on The Last of Us, check out the game's first trailer, embedded below.

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and... i am going to get this game because nothing beats fun then hacking zombies..

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not to be rude, disrespectful, or offensive but i heard that you guys were creating Uncharted 4 for the Playstation 4... Well, could i nicely say something about that... I and probably other wont have time or the money to buy a PS4 just b/c they have a PS3.... what i am saying is that dont stop making Uncharteds for PS3.....

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@buying1999 So much bias, so much fanboyism. Lets just all be friends :D << LINK REMOVED >>

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Me want new Jak :P

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High def Crash Bandicoot anyone?

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I just took a million polygons to the knee.

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@kkthesonicfan I agree that would be an awesome idea!

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Next-Gen Drake you say? Well that's just decided my next-gen console purchase! :D Sorry Microsoft!

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But anyways just think about an open-world Uncharted game with these graphics...HOLY FU**

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buying1999 Didn't RAGE need 2 discs for Xbox while on PS3 it only need 1, that says something about hardware...but anyways I don't give a fck I own every system and enjoy them all, as long as it's games are good theres no reason to hate. Obviously you have some strange complex that makes you not like seeing other people happy for others and excited for something your against(for some unknown reason) Get out of here! Your the kind of gamers I fking hate with a passion,so please STFU!

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@ToTs_00 With frickin' laser beams!

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* In Dr. Evil voice* 1 Million Polygons!!

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i wonder how much of a hand these guys will have in the design and specs of the ps4. naughty dog is on top of their __ and can't imagine a better team to help in those aspects. hopefully they avoid the programming pitfalls/difficulties and short-sighted hardware limitations that led to some rather unimpressive multiplatform games. though I've heard the vita is rather easy to develop for so perhaps they have figured out one piece of the puzzle Sony has been keeping it real and offering some killer titles and while I am likely to pick up all 3 consoles like I always do, but I am by far looking forward to the ps3 the most..... and the vita, ragnarok odyssey anyone? totally getting a PSO vibe and that's my favorite type of vibe.

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Blah, blah blah. Next Gen this and Next gen that, I don't care about 'next gen' GameSpot, enjoy your PS3, Kaz Hirai, said no PS4 any time soon, so why all these stupid next gen debate?

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for the next generation of games will hopefully be longer with more graphic and not something amazing but amazing graphics but hopefully in 15 hr of play

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A mili? *head explodes*

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@gamingfrendly Thats exactly what i was gonna mention, Naughty Dog made Crash Bandicoot 1,2,3 then a racing game for it... They then moved on too Jak when they made Jak 1,2,3 then a racing game for it. Naughty Dog then moved on to Uncharted making Uncharted 1,2,3 but instead of a racing game spin off made a PS Vita spin off... The real question is if Sony will let them create a new Franchise as Uncharted has become Sony's flag franchise in the U.S. and has become a "Hardcore" series the likes of whichc Crash and Jak never were, I myself believe Naughty Dog will expand and make The Last Of Us a new series and they will also continue Uncharted on next gen as a launch title, just like how Uncharted Golden Aybess is a launch title for the Vita, they need that title that will get U.S. gamers excited at launch, something they didnt have when they launch the PS3

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uncharted4 = uncharted team racing?

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I'm guessing new franchise for the PS4...seems to be how ND operate since the PS1

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Geez, my girlfriend has less polygons!

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May my wishes come true and it's a new Jak game.

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On a side note I think what people are trying to tell you is your free to your opinion but there is a place for it...that is on the system wars will fit in nicely there.

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Uhm.....Tomb Raider was started by Sony

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@GamerYnoX Well from that comment I see that you dont' even know who John Carmack is or that he developed the RAGE engine id tech 5 whch happens to be the most advanced 60fps engine to date. It's not my fault that the overpriced internet ready blu ray player couldnt keep up with the SUPERIOR Xbox 360. it's not yours either. Uncharted? ROFL oh you mean that mail Tomb Raider clone? Meh.Played it. It was one of the best on the overpriced internet ready blu ray player, but then again, that's not saying much. "Xbox 360 is the BEST console EVER made." --John Carmack

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they need to focus on better gameplay and story lines.....

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@dawnofhero LOL 13 becuase of my username? LOL Uh OK. If my it'd been buying2011 would that mean that I was 1 ? ROFL "The Xbox 360 is the BEST console EVER made." --John Carmack

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@NFSruler LMFAO at you and pointing while I'm LMFAO. Well Sony Defense Force is up and about it's business. My comments are about the machine and have nothing to do with the users of this site, thank you very much. Last time I checked I had a right to my opinion just the same as you do there Sony Defense Force chairman. Now that the children have been desciplined, Naughty Dog is thinking about what kinda of "Crazy" configuration the next completely alien hardware will have from Sony.Too bad the overpriced internet ready blu ray player didn't do better this gen. But it does do a great job of playing movies, that's what I use mine for right now and it does a great job. In fact that's the leading reason for purchasing the ps3 look for yourself << LINK REMOVED >> "Xbox 360 is the BEST console EVER made." --John Carmack

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@buying1999 The best console ever made is...yet to be made. And when they make it, it won't have 33% of its units broken and it'll have a D-pad that you can actually use.

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On topic...anyone else getting tired of the "PS4 and Nextbox" coming soon rumors? A few weeks ago GS was telling everyone the next gen was being announced at E3 and it was proven false. Quit reading between the lines and wait to tell us until something is actually factual.

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see people like buying1999 prove just how much fanboys are not true gamers. True gamers appreciate ALL games and companies...deciding to sequester yourself into an only xbox,ps,or nintendo category is stupid since you miss out on so much. All this coming from someone who prefers xbox (though I play all 3 consoles) and comments like yours make it almost shameful to admitt that I enjoy xbox.

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@buying1999 What a straight narrowed mind and ton of BS you're saying. You even quote a line from someone who released a game with potencial but was doomed to failure. Maybe you're just hurt because your don't have Uncharted on your system of choice.

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buying1999 wow your a real noob still talking about the xbox vs ps3 argument which is so not cool. i think the sheer amount of comments about u just shows how tired people are of the stupid bullcrap. if you cant look at gamespot news without starting a stupid argument about which one is better then you must be a really sad person.

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@buying1999 1999.... You are either a 13 year-old or that's how long you've been buying games. Of course, I think you're 13 years old after reading your comment.

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hhmmm ... many gaming companys are speaking about next gen and microsoft has news over and there about next xbox but sony still saying "no we have ps3!" ... :\

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@buying1999 Yaaawwwnnn.............. oh wait, did you say something?

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If Naughty Dog is making a nex-gen game then Sony's readying PS4 for sure and they're pretty deep into it. Hope to hear news about it soon.

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They're sick of consoles and want to expand their art style. Too bad it will be for next gen consoles, must suck being a puppet studio..

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I want Uncharted 4!

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"million-poly models game-ready" means reducing the poly count on a million-poly model while keeping the basic fidelity. From the job listing -- "This individual will create clean, deformable and efficient models, extract normal maps from high-res version and sculpt morph targets for use within a Maya/ZBrush pipeline" The high-res models are for marketing purposes.

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I think this might be for Uncharted 4, or a new trilogy. It's too early for a TLoU 2 even though I would, even at this early stage, be fine with Naughty Dog already working on a sequel to an unreleased game. That really is a testament to just how good a developer they are.

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Wow that sounds hard.I mean i cant imagine making a model with a million polygons

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@buying1999 Please shut up. You think anybody likes your redundant, console wars comments? Get off this post, and preferably the site. If you can't admire all consoles for what they do right, and realise what they may have done wrong before hating on something you a) Don't have and b) Have never spent extensive time with. The 360 and PS3 have actually sold very similarly so don't say that one is "washed up" and a failure when they have both been successful. Gamespot is a site for insight and friendliness so if you can't obey the code of conduct between users I suggest you pack your bags and get your annoying, squeaky, appalling, out of order 11 year old ass outta this website. If you can't appreciate a post by a very talented writer and use the comments section to annoy other users, instead of expressing your opinion about the massive polygon rise that could very well change gaming, then you are a waste of space and 5 minutes of my life.

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I just want uncharted.Like with the ps vita i was hoping that they put it on it and they did it and they made it even better on my opinion then the other uncharted games.And it is called uncharted golden abyss as everybody know.And i want even a better uncharted on the next console for sony.

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Going on their history, I wouldn't say that Uncharted will be Naughty Dog's next-gen game. Whether it's TLoU or not, it'll probably once again be a 3-part series.

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The company did a lot of good games that's why they prospered other companies should do the same.

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80, 000 polygons in Uncharted 2 looked pretty amazing. Can't imagine what 1 million must be like in comparison. Almost sounds redundant. Regardless, I can't wait for The Last of Us. Should be awesome.

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Well it's about time. I mean the overpriced internet ready blu ray player is washed up in this gen. Developing for a console that's been in THIRD place since it's release must really suck for Naughty Dog. Maybe Sony will compete a little better with the next gen. Sad that a console that released a year before the overpriced internet ready blu ray player is still vastly SUPERIOR. I hope for the SDF that Sony will do better the next time. "Xbox 360 is the BEST console EVER made." --John Carmack

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Ahh the power of the PlayStation 3.

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Well want see new uncharted on next gen it said working on new series on next gen. But Last of Us means its one off if it reasle for ps3 oh well I know naughty dog will bring something gd to the table since there story and games are great always.

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