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Naughty Dog Boss Swears Succession Star To Secrecy After Studio Visit

"Do not repeat anything you've seen!"


Naughty Dog's Neil Druckmann recently gave Kieran Culkin and Jazz Charton an inside look at the studio, apparently, and the gaming executive has sworn them to secrecy.

Posting on social media, Charton said, "Today was a good day," along with a picture of herself, Culkin, and Druckmann grinning widely at the Naughty Dog offices. Druckmann reshared the image and added the caption, "Do not repeat anything you've seen!"


Reading between the lines here, it seems Druckmann might have shown Culkin and Charton whatever the studio might be cooking up next. The last we heard, Naughty Dog had two single-player games in development following the cancellation of The Last of Us Online. That game had been in development for many years and was described as Naughty Dog's most ambitious game ever prior to its cancellation.

Naughty Dog's upcoming games are unannounced. Given the massive success of Naughty Dog's The Last of Us HBO series, many are expecting that The Last of Us: Part III might be one of the upcoming games, but this is not confirmed. Naughty Dog has said it might make The Last of Us: Part III, but the company might also not make it.

It probably won't be Uncharted 5, as Naughty Dog previously said it's "done" with that series--although a different team could make Uncharted 5. Another possibility is Naughty Dog might be working on a new IP.

Naughty Dog was recently in the news after Sony announced mass layoffs at its development teams around the world, including Naughty Dog.

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