Naughty Bear slices up App Store

$3 version of Artificial Mind and Movement's homicidal brown bear game now available in Apple's virtual marketplace for iPhone, iPod Touch.

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In late June, a sanguineous tale of murderous ursidaen vengeance titled Naughty Bear hit shelves behind cold reviews for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. If the hefty price tag of the console version was too much to bear, a $3 iteration is now available in Apple's iTunes store.

Like its console cousin, the iPhone/iPod Touch version casts players as the naughty bear, a creature bent on exacting revenge on those who have wronged him. The portable version sports 30 levels set on Perfection Island and includes a number of distinct weapons, objects, and scare tactics for gamers to use.

Further, the game sports two distinct modes: story and arcade, where players can kill for naughty points and race against the clock respectively. Players will also be able to display their bear-killing prowess to the world, as the title supports online, global leaderboards.

The murderous bear takes his fight to a new front.
The murderous bear takes his fight to a new front.

The portable version includes touch-sensitive controls and a new camera view. Said view will be from a top-down perspective and will zoom in during kill sequences.

For more on the dark adventures of Naughty Bear, check out GameSpot's review of the console version.

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