Natsume Wrestling slams Virtual Console

Nintendo Store Update: New digital offerings from House of Mario include Super NES fighting game for nostalgic download space; WiiWare adds Arcade Essentials and demo for Dive: The Medes Island Secret; DSiWare welcomes Shapo, G.G. Series D-Tank.


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While Nintendo will be wrestling with the 3DS's downloadable features for months after the system's release, the company has its current system's online options thoroughly pinned down. The publisher today provided its weekly evidence of that with another Monday update of WiiWare, DSiWare, and Virtual Console offerings.

First out of the gate this week on the Virtual Console is Natsume Championship Wrestling (800 Wii points, or $8). Originally released on the Super NES, the 16-bit Championship Wrestling has players choosing from 12 fighters and duking it out in the ring. Gamers can play against an AI-controlled opponent or take on the game's Exhibition, Tag Team, and Round Robin modes with up to four players.

Gamers can get between the 16-bit ropes today in Championship Wrestling.
Gamers can get between the 16-bit ropes today in Championship Wrestling.

Switching to WiiWare, Nintendo added one new title and a fresh demo to the downloadable storefront today. The new title is Nordcurrent's Arcade Essentials (500 Wii points, or $5). As its name suggests, the offering is a collection of games based on classic arcade titles.

The new WiiWare demo is for Dive: The Medes Island Secret. The game casts players as John Sanders, an experienced diver who swims to the depths of the sea to uncover treasure buried inside the wreckage of ships.

Two new DSiWare titles are also available for download today, the first of which is Tik Games' Shapo (500 DSi points, or $5). The puzzle game has players placing differently weighted shapes on a scale and tasks them with making sure the scale stays balanced while lining up the falling shapes. Shapo sports 150 levels and two modes: Puzzle and Classic.

The last new DSiWare game out this week is G.G. Series D-Tank (200 DSi points, or $2). From Genterprise, the game has players driving a tank with a limited number of respawns. The game sports two distinct game types: offensive and defensive. In offensive missions, players must lay siege to the enemy's fortress within the allotted time, and in defensive mode, players are tasked with destroying oncoming enemy tanks.

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