Nathan Fillion Seemingly Teases Uncharted News

The TV and video game actor is teasing ... something.

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Actor Nathan Fillion has seemingly teased some kind of Uncharted-related news just days before San Diego Comic-Con is due to kick off. The actor, who is known for his roles on TV and in video games, posted some cryptic teasers on Instagram this week.

The first image shows rapper Drake with the caption "Sic Parvis Magna," which means "greatness from small beginning," along with a date of 16 July. Drake, of course, is the name of Uncharted hero Nathan Drake, and the Latin line is inscribed on his ring in the game. A second image posted on Instagram shows an Uncharted-style map and a magnifying glass, again referencing 16 July. You can see both images embedded below.

Sic Parvis Magna. 7/16/18

A post shared by Nathan Fillion (@nathanfillion) on

Given the timing with Comic-Con coming up, it might be that Fillion is teasing news about the long-in-development Uncharted movie. Fans petitioned for Fillion to play Drake in the film, but Spider-Man actor Tom Holland will play the character in the movie directed by Stranger Things veteran Shawn Levy.

Perhaps Fillion will be hosting a panel about the Uncharted movie at Comic-Con. We'll know more soon, apparently. According to Variety, Fillion is not involved with the film.


A post shared by Nathan Fillion (@nathanfillion) on

Fillion is known for TV shows like Firefly, Castle, and Serenity. He also did voicework for the Halo franchise and more recently voiced Cayde-6 in Destiny.

The Uncharted movie is a prequel to the games. Inspiration was drawn from a sequence in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, which revealed the first encounter between Drake and his longtime buddy, Victor Sullivan.

An Uncharted movie has been in the works for years now, having been announced back in 2009. Actors whose names have been connected to leading roles over the years include Mark Wahlberg, Robert DeNiro, Joe Pesci, Amy Adams, and Scarlett Johansson. Chris Pratt is among those to pass on the role of Drake.

As for the Uncharted game series, the last entry was 2017's Uncharted: Lost Legacy, which told the story of Chloe and Nadine, not Nathan Drake. Drake's story is reportedly wrapped up, and Naughty Dog won't make any more games in the series. However, future Uncharted games could be made by a different developer.

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Avatar image for barcaazul

Hmm, he is the obvious choice, apart from Nolan North of course

Avatar image for Jdzspace

Holland will obviously play young drake in flashbacks. That's obvious. Drake has to be played by Fillion. That is literally perfect for him. Holland would be an absolutely HORRIBLE pick for adult drake. I didn't want all this time for some British kid to play Nathan drake. Who gets too play Elena? Salena Gomez?....obviously the young version

Avatar image for czlapaj2

I really hope it will be a prequel\sequel- with scenes with young Nathan (Holland) and ones happening in the present with Fillion

Avatar image for idakooz

Why the hell are they making a prequel movie? Just get Fillion in the movie already.

Avatar image for sakaixx

Wow the guy really looks like drake in uncharted 4. Probably the movie we been hearing about for years now. Just hoping sully play a huge part.

Avatar image for asnakeneverdies

@sakaixx: The movie revolves around Charlie Cutter, but Nate and Sully get cameos. Don't worry, Sakai!

Avatar image for sakaixx

@asnakeneverdies: was hoping they get salim and tenzin too.

Avatar image for asnakeneverdies

@sakaixx: Oh, you're going to be disappointed then. 😔