Nathan Fillion Asked Halo 5 Devs to Make Him Look More Handsome

"Hey, there's a guy in Halo 5 who looks just like you, only better-looking."


By actor Nathan Fillion's own admission, his Halo 5: Guardians character, Edward Buck, looks more handsome than he does, despite being based on his real-world face. This was no accident. In an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Fillion says he asked 343 to make his character model more good-looking. The developers obliged, and, as you'll see in the video, Fillion is quite pleased with the result.

Fillion recalls traveling to the 343 office in Seattle where he sat in a 36-camera rig to have his face captured from every angle possible to be recreated in the game. "I said, jokingly, 'Can you make it look like I'm just a little bit better-looking than I actually am?'" That's exactly what they did, and, now that new images and trailers for Halo 5 have been released, people have definitely noticed the difference.

"Now, people are on Twitter going, 'Hey, that there's a guy in Halo 5 who looks just like you, only better-looking,'" he said.

Check out the closeup image below and decide for yourself.

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Fillion is no stranger to the Halo series, as he most recently did voicework for Halo: Reach and Halo 3: ODST, playing the character Buck. In Halo 5, Buck is a member of Spartan Locke's Firetime Osiris, tasked with hunting down Master Chief.

The Halo 5 release date is set for October 27 exclusively for Xbox One. In other recent news about the game, 343 has announced its launch day multiplayer playlists and revealed all the achievements. In addition, the game is now available to pre-load, while Microsoft has announced a New Year's Eve-style countdown celebration event for Halo 5.

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Nope. Impossible to be better looking than that. Shut your goddamn mouth.

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@jixobo really?!? this shit is even on Gamespot now??

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Whaaa?? Half of his face could get chewed off by a bath salt junkie and I would still have my way with him!

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Why didn't they make the video game character even more good looking? More he looks more chiseled, big eyes, younger with more hair.

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Good looking devil!

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god dammit Fillion, why do you have to be so damn cool...

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I like his original look more.

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Love this guy. If they ever decided to make a real world Nathan Drake, he would be the man.

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if the uncharted movie does happen, Nathan Fillion needs to play Nathan Drake!!

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Whats up with late shows putting so much game coverage now

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But still no couch co-op. So...nope.

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@maltnut: go away

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@GRADERBLADE13: Why? Because I have friends?

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Looks even more like Nathan Drake

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Nathans face is ruggedly scarred but last time he was good looking was between 2001-2008. if u remember him in Slither he was getting chunky & fat at that time & then when he took on the role for Hal Jordan in the Green Lantern Animated stuff he was still chunky & far but still good looking

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This guy was absolutely born to play a space-cowboy... I'm normally against type-casting, but between FF/Serenity and the Halo series, the guy could just keep churning out good work.

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Nathan Fillion is awesome. Notice me Nathan Senpai!

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Turtle neck? That shows how much Jimmy Kimmel is in tuned with gaming. Especially after that gamer tangent he went on

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He is already the Greek god of handsome in my books.

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good job finding new talent.

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Surprised Jimmy allowed this on his show after his gamer rhetoric.

Watching other people play games is mind boggling but watching other people talk about games is perfectly fine.

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@RicanV: Well, the whole thing wasn't about people playing games; he wasn't talking negatively about that, he was talking about people watching people play games.

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@RicanV: Ratings = viewers, regardless of how you get them.

With Colbert back on the block -- an unabashed SciFi/Fantasy/Gaming nerd, who is ACTUALLY funny and talented -- Kimmel's finally got a real challenger on the block.

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I gotta say, I've never really been too into the "late night" shows, but I do like Stephen Colbert. I also like Conan O'Brien. His Clueless Gamer segment is hilarious imo.

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@A8ADD0N: Well it certainly helps that Colbert and O'Brien are actually ya know...good comedy writers....and funny. xD

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@Pyrosa: Jimmy got owned by Colbert.

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@RicanV: Taking a comedian seriously...

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The whole thing was ridiculous because his profession is to present a show for people to watch other people talk about themselves and their recent work.

Considering a lot of let's plays are by people doing them for a living aren't you watching a show about people doing and or describing their work?

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@RicanV: this is the thing. They are all so backwards and old that they think games are for kids and basement dwellers. When they insulted it they got a massive backlash and ratings boost.

They now realise how mainstream and popular gaming has become it is no longer a joke how it was with them 30 years ago.

Now theyre covering games more to get more ratings. **** THAT AND **** THEM!

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He really is ruggedly handsome.

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@Joshbuckler I get that reference :

Que the Avengers Gif