NASCAR 2001 First Impression

EA's NASCAR series is back with more than 30 drivers and cars, 19 official tracks, and a revamped game engine that is said to offer improved graphics, physics, and AI.


EA's NASCAR series has always comprised high-quality titles. Its latest offering, NASCAR 2001, hopes to continue the series' tradition of quality.

Set for release this fall, the Black Box-developed game features as many drivers and cars as the previous game (33), and 19 tracks (one more than NASCAR 2000). The drivers include Dale Earnhardt, Jeff Burton, Jeremy Mayfield, and Kyle Petty, not to mention their respective cars. NASCAR 2001's improved game engine, according to EA, offers a higher level of graphical detail, more-realistic car physics, and a more-sophisticated AI model. The computer drivers reportedly will behave similarly to their real-life counterparts, imitating their racing styles, idiosyncrasies, and mannerisms.

NASCAR 2001 is the first game to let you race on Daytona's world-famous track. All the drivers, tracks, and teams are legit NASCAR-bilia, and all the sport's rules and sponsors are reportedly intact.

New to the series is a team mode, which lets you assemble a team of up to three NASCAR racers. During the races, you will able to able to switch between cars to help guarantee your team's winning spot.

Stay tuned for the latest developments regarding NASCAR 2001.

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