NASCAR 15 Is Exclusive (at Retail) to GameStop

$20 game launching in May for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.


Retailer GameStop and developer Dusenberry Martin Racing announced Friday that professional racing game NASCAR 15 is in development and will launch in just over a month, on May 22, 2015.

The disc-based Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game will be released exclusively at GameStop, though digital versions versions will be available on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. Meanwhile, a digital PC version will launch on Steam.

NASCAR 15 is the first entry in the series since the NASCAR video game rights switched hands from Eutechnyx to Dusenberry Martin Racing, a subsidiary of DMi Games. It's described as more of an update than a new game, and will cost just $20.

It features new 2015 NASCAR Sprint Cut Series paint schemes, and also includes a career mode and numerous teams and tracks, as well as "enhanced online mulitplayer and leagues."

GameStop is no stranger to NASCAR. The Texas-based company has been a partner with premiere racing team Joe Gibbs Racing for nearly a decade, and even has its own sponsored car.

In addition to NASCAR 15, another NASCAR game is in development for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, due for release in 2016. For a closer look at NASCAR 15, check out the images in the gallery below.

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I'm just as poor and stupid as you!

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I'll stick with GT6.

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@austint30: dirty nascar?

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Nascar Thunder 2001 looks better than this.

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No next gen? Nascar 2016 it is! Screw Nascar 2015.

Btw spoiler alert:

Jeff Gordon won 7th place at the Texas Motor Speedway and after that he is retiring.

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I think walmart or a liquor store would have been a better retailer for this...

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@ArabrockermanX: they have game stops next to every wal-mart, little ceasers, and shop-n-save around here. i wonder if they put it on 360 because they figure the target audiance can't afford a xbox 1 because they spend all their welfare checks on natty lite and cartons of decades

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Dang, wish they put a ton of effort into a $60 title. I guess I'll have to wait another year

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@steve_esquire: I remember playing a demo on the ps3 and laughing at how bad the game was(it looked like a ps2 title)... Something tells me they throw all of the budget at licensing and give the interns something to do while they are not grabbing coffee....

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This is Nascar 14 with an updated Roster and paint jobs. They could've just sold us a DLC pack for 10$ or gave it to use for free, like they did in the past. They didn't even change the interface. I thought Madden games were lazy with their yearly 'roster updates' but WOW at least they try to make it look like a new game. This is pathetic, and does not make me look forward to next years attempt by this 'new company'

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@caketoo: This "new company" is giving you just what the old company already had. The reason behind this is to at least give an update and keep the ball rolling. It also serves as a potential starting budget. It's pretty funny to see people act like developers should produce a great game with a low budget. However, I am getting this game because even though the old company designed this 2015 version, it supports the new company's budget for 2016. They are also updating the 2015 to at least compensate for the previous company's lack of support. Also would you work hard if your product was offered for free? The fact that Rockstar or similar companies do it is amazing but also look at the track record, they have the budget.

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This is early 360 graphics. They did say its an update and not a new game. The last game was NASCAR 09 (2008). So the graphics are roughly from that era.

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@xcollector: Nascar 08:


Early 360 graphics is a huge upgrade!

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@xcollector: last one was nascar 14

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Weird. Seems like a better fit for Walmart.

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Oh dear

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Grap (Graphics and crap combined.)

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@lonesamurai1: its a ps3/360 game. Not an xbo/ps4 game.

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@lonesamurai1: lol you say that about every game

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@chestrc0pperp0t@lonesamurai1: If games don't have;

-ten trillion light sources

- too much bloom

- heaps of DOF

- motion blur turned up to 11

- post process AA

people think the games look bad :(

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A $20.00 Gamestop retail edition of Nascar 15 only at Gamestop. Well if I see this game I will buy it. At the very least this is a game for PS3 or Xbox 360. Which very soon should stop having games made for them. It has almost been 10 years since Xbox 360 launched. So a final last hurrah for the 7th gen consoles. When the budget $20.00 retail releases start arriving that means support is nearing the end for the old consoles.

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"Play with your friends or fans from all over the world" Yeah right, the Rest of the world is On F1 racing.

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@thespicychiken: NASCAR has fans all over the world. But Im guessing you think soccer and F1 are the only sports that have a worldwide following.

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Does anyone buy games retail anymore?

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@SingletreeAve: yes

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It would make more sense if it were exclusive to Wal-Mart.

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Wow now gamestop can get credit for all 5 copies sold!

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A publisher limiting the number of potential customers. Smart move ....LOL

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@straightcur: I'm pretty sure they are going to get major advertising and this game will get pushed to death to every customr whether you're in trading a controller or picking your nose.

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@straightcur: I don't think there is much demand for this.

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Sole reason I might pick this up: Jeff Gordon won't be in next year's game....

Still waiting on a return to a more NASCAR Thunder career mode.

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Do I want to play NASCAR or watch NASCAR on t.v? Hmmm tough choice.

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Inb4 all the comments about turning left..

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@SPBoss: Break the damn rules, I'm turning right!

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@tarp_master@SPBoss: I remember when on old racing games you could drive backwards and crash into people. It was so epic as a child. Then they had to go F it up and force you to turn left. WHY?

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Turn left.