Naruto Shippuden: Clash of Ninja Revolution 3 First Impressions

It's back to ninja training school for us. Clash of Ninja Revolution 3 introduces cool new moves, added gameplay mechanics, and crazy new characters.


The Clash of Ninja series has built a strong fan following since its North American debut on the GameCube in 2006. With Naruto Shippuden: Clash of Ninja Revolution 3, our bright-eyed, orange-jumpsuit-wearing ninja is back in action and will make his debut online for the first time. We don't have too many details right now on how the Wi-Fi will work, but a representative from Tomy did stop by our office to give us an overview of what to expect in this upcoming Wii game.

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By now, fans should be familiar with the Shippuden storyline, and if you're not, Clash of Ninja Revolution 3 will retell the events of the first story arc, in which you need to help rescue Gaara from the Akatsuki. The game continues the trend of being a fun and flashy fighting game, but what our Tomy rep wanted to point out was that this version is a combination of all the best aspects from the series with new additions. It has the classic gameplay feel from the original GameCube games, new content from the Japanese versions, and new mechanics and gameplay tweaks that will change the way you play.

Another new announcement is that Granny Chiyo will be added to the character roster. At this point in time, Tomy says there will be more than 35 characters. Granny Chiyo's moves are completely different from the other characters' moves, which is obvious as soon as you see her on the field. As a puppet master, she can't do much except guard and execute super moves, so her only offensive abilities are to use the puppets of Sasori's mother and father to attack. You can manage only one character at a time, so you'll have to micromanage her two puppets, while playing keep-away with Chiyo. Managing her properly is going to take practice, but we're sure Naruto fans have wanted to see Granny in action for a while now and are willing to put in the time.

Characters that you've become familiar with over the years have also received some updates. If you think you know how to handle Naruto, think again, because he's got brand-new super moves and combos. Kakashi has also been overhauled because Tomy felt that he had been underpowered for too long. He's now armed with some crazy elemental super moves and is able to mimic special abilities of other characters. Tomy wanted to tune and balance this game so that it would still be fun for the casual audience but would also provide a platform for the tournament community to compete on. Like Smash Bros., Clash of Ninja Revolution 3 is meant to be easy enough to pick up, but you have to notice and observe the nuances to master the game.

Other changes include the ability to assist in tag-team mode, in which your backup can jump in, help with a combo, and jump out. All the characters have custom throws now, and when you find your character on the flat of his or her back, he or she can now rebound quickly by teleporting or attacking. The game will feature the same modes as the previous Clash of Ninja Revolution, and you have the ability to adjust all the variables before a match begins to tailor the fight to your preferences. Tomy emphasized that this is not a recycled game from the Japanese version: there are new cinemas, story mode scenarios, and gameplay changes.

Naruto just as you remembered, except with new moves.
Naruto just as you remembered, except with new moves.

From what we've seen of Naruto Shippuden: Clash of Ninja Revolution 3, fans will appreciate the new additions as well as the familiar modes from the previous games. The game looks good and will support all control schemes, including the GameCube controller, the Wii Remote and Nunchuk, the Wii Remote without the Nunchuk, and the Classic Controller. We'll update you with more information once we learn more about friend codes, online ranked matches, and leaderboards. Look for Naruto Shippuden: Clash of Ninja Revolution 3 when it's released in October.

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Avatar image for saumik344

this game is pretty awesome but now i think its time to start talking about revolution4 !!!!!(if it actually comes out) i hope that it will have at least 50 people to play as i really dont care who they are.

Avatar image for narutoman500

I got the game yesterday and it's awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Avatar image for 123nintendofan

I hope TOMY(company making naruto games) decides to include some other original characters they already have chiyo they should make 4 tail naruto and some other akutsuki characters.

Avatar image for 123nintendofan

I really hope this game goes all the way to the hidan and kakuzu arc.It should definetly cover the sasuke arc.

Avatar image for Getsillychad

I hope they give kiba wolf fang over fang. I'm a kiba fan and i tired of seeing different suited up version of fang over fang. I need real power.

Avatar image for mastercarl456

pain needs to be in so does all the akastki there pwnage

Avatar image for mastercarl456

man i need 8 more dollars to get it ib november

Avatar image for manifestlost

Now that the series has moved on to the Shippuden story arc, does that mean we'll never seen any of the first 3 Hokages in action in the US? All i wanted from CoN Revolution 2 was to play with the Third Hokage...

Avatar image for WiiandXBOX360XD

coming out on my birth day oh yea

Avatar image for Wiiviewer-Guru

ladies, ladies, Relax... Sasuke the wandeing emo ninja will definately appear, think about it, its like having a Mario Bros. game without bowser or peach.... I just hope they get crative with the missions, because revolution2 mission mode were just repetitive and very dull... It will be cool to see a team (5vs5) match or a co-op story mode.... anyway Dynamic Exit!!!

Avatar image for peppercat786

Theres a petition for ***zune to be included in Naruto shippuden clash of ninja revolution 3 roster. Heres the links for it please sign up its time she was in the game . the petition ends this week Saturday the 5th september 2009. please theres still time show your support and sign up heres the link << LINK REMOVED >> or visit and find it somewhere under the computer category.

Avatar image for peppercat786

Theres a petition for ****une to be included in Naruto shippuden clash of ninja revolution 3 roster. Heres the links for it please sign up its time she was in the game . the petition ends this week Saturday the 5th september 2009. please theres still time show your support and sign up heres the link << LINK REMOVED >> or visit and find it somewhere under the computer category.

Avatar image for Wiiviewer-Guru

Dynamic Entryyyy!! I just cant wait for october, Gai will kick all of your @sses in the online mode! just hope it isnt sluggish like SSBB or Dragon Ball BT3 if not its just going to break my heart in pieces.... I also heard that we are indeed getting kazuzu and hidan, about the filler people mmmm not so sure, I am sure Tomy Corporation learned their lesson from Revolution 2 (I hope) DyNAMIC EXIT!!!

Avatar image for ansef1x

listen we r not gettin hidan and kakuzu revolution 4 got it but i do hope that they add in some filler people or some jinchurikin people like all the tailes people and more those filler people r awesome like guren

Avatar image for ShaquillleJ

.if u lot dont believe go here and see for yourself << LINK REMOVED >> my prove. u will get all the characters all of u are asking for . listen to what the man says cafefully the story covers not the whole game the story covers rescue gaara arc.that doesn't mean u will only get characters for the rescue gaara arc.he said that EX1 the japanese version only had 12 characters an they are not copying that and are not having lots of sequels like EX2 & EX3 there just throwing it all in everthing u want so yes u will get , sasuke, sai, yamato, hidan and kakuzu.

Avatar image for ShaquillleJ

the prove go on,go on youtube an type Naruto Shippuden: Clash of Ninja Revolution 3 - AnimeVice Interview , covers EX3 japanese if u dont the interview he said ''we not coping EX1 because theres only 12 characters we dont want that and we dont want to have three sequels like the japanese were just throwing it all in everthing u want were just throwing it all in''.if u lot dont believe go here and see for yourself << LINK REMOVED >> my prove NarutoFAN420 am more a naruto fan than because i search an find evidence.

Avatar image for ansef1x

i hope they changed the costumes and specials for everyone like kuronai cause her costume is different so i hope her special is different and if their gonna make revolution 4 i hope they add in some people from the fillers like sora the 2 tails and those guys who were with sora and i also hope they put some people in from the naruto movies lol

Avatar image for KimmimaruOwnsU

i hope sasuke and sai are in why dont they confirme it already!?! its driving me crazy!

Avatar image for DarkSmokeNinja

Did they just say online ranked matches :shock: YYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY

Avatar image for Distinctive_Fin

Ah, too bad I have already seen all the recent Shippuden episodes on, otherwise I would be really excited about the new storyline. . . I wonder If they are going as far as Naruto's Rasen-Shiruken. . ..?

Avatar image for itachi100

where are these "Crazy new characters" i hear about

Avatar image for ShaquillleJ

u will get all the characters all of u are asking for . tomy said that the Naruto Shippuden Clash of NInja Revolution 3 story mode starts at the rescue gaara arc and ends at the beginning of the hidan and kakuzu arc (when asuma dies). so yes u will get granny chiyo , sasuke, sai, yamato, hidan ,kakuzu , choji .ino ,asuma , hinita ,kiba , shino , kabuto , Orochimaru and shikamaru. but u wont get 4 tails naruto and naruto's Rasen-shuriken

Avatar image for gionaruto1994

I can't wait intill the game comes out even now becauce chiyo and the true form of sasori is going to be in the game

Avatar image for herminio68

Man i really want this game but my Birth Day already past so i dont know what im going to do im joust going to beg for this game to my parents hope they buy it to me o well i think if i dont get it when it comes out ill get it when my dad buys it to me.:)

Avatar image for OMIGHTYGUY

lol, sweet! It comes out right around my birthday! Perhaps I could get it through that... If I can't, I'll just have to trade in my current CoN (1st, 2nd, Rev2) games in for this! :D I'm glad that they didn't make their own story this time. They really made me mad that they completely skipped the Sasuke Retrieval arc, replacing it with their own crappy, un-epic story! I wanna know who's the idiot who came up with the idea of in-game filler. >X( Yeah, gotta get this game! :D

Avatar image for grorusso

i cant wait to play this game! why does it always has to come in october >_

Avatar image for huntervaneg

As many of you, I don't like the english voices, they are too monotonous... So it would be a good addition to add an option in which we could select the language of the voices (obviously the original voices of the tv program in their respective languages including the original japanese version that many of us love)... Just wondering if Tommy guys will be hearing this plea from Naruto fans..!.

Avatar image for astro_viper

If you hate English voice-overs (like I do), download homebrew, mod your wii, and pick-up a Japanese copy... Regardless of console, there are many games which require one to play them in Japanese. The DC is a prime example of this need. Figure it out, and you will enjoy the games better (good luck learning to read Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji! Roomaji isn't used in games...thats a Western only form of Japanese spelling)

Avatar image for kytomasi

worst Itachi voice ever.

Avatar image for Monkeynin

Here's hoping for a quest mode. 1st class fighter, nonetheless.

Avatar image for VegetaButt

The fighting is still preaty amazing but a very little change in graphics and combos and locations they should have atleast changed all the locations.I M looking forword to the Wi Fi.But I M more looking forword to the Xbox 360 titel of upcoming Naruto.

Avatar image for BoondockSaint22

dam i hate their English voices, and crappy controls

Avatar image for murat8

i cant wait for this game its a sweet fighting game series unlike most tie in games

Avatar image for diosensakiara

This is what i hope the character list is 1.Naruto Uzumaki 2.Sakura Haruno 3.Kakashi Hatake 4.Rock Lee 5.Neji Hyuga 6.Tenten 7.Might Guy 8.Shikamaru Nara 9.Jiraiya 10.Tsunade 11.Baki 12.Gaara 13.Kankuro 14.Temari 15.Itachi Uchiha 16.Kisame Hoshigaki 17.Deidara 18.Sasori in Hiruko 19.True form Sasori 20.Orochimaru 21.Kabuto Yakushi 22.Choji Akimichi 23.Ino Yamanaka 24.Hinata Hyuga 25.Kiba Inuzuka 26.Shino Aburame 27.Yugao 28.Chiyo 29.Sasuke 30.Tayuya A 31.Jirobo A 32.Kidomaru A 33.Sakon A 34.Kimimaro A 35.Zabuza A 36.Haku A 37.Third Hokage A 38.Iruka 39.Asuma 40.Kurenai 41.Anko 42.Kagura A 43.Bando 44.Towa 45. Komachi 46.Sai 47.Yamato

Avatar image for diosensakiara

You know who i want to come back Sound 5 Haku and Zabuza Iruka Third Hokage these were like the people! ps THIS GAME IS TURNING OUT AWESOME!

Avatar image for eden9914

i liked the first,i hated the second one,let's see the third one.. by the way the best naruto game out there is "ultimate ninja storm" the only naruto game i spend 40 beautiful hours...

Avatar image for CRYSIX

SAME old combat, SAME old graphics, but the new Shippuden characters, the new Jutsus and the superb Shippuden story-line could make this game still a very good one.

Avatar image for WiiandXBOX360XD

KaKashiiiii! is Awsome woot woot!

Avatar image for WiiandXBOX360XD

oh man ! i thought u could unlock hidan and kakuza dam it but this game looks awsome :)

Avatar image for narutozsakura

i hope sakura can use healing jusu in this game

Avatar image for Deity_Dude

Lol I bet Kakashi has an up, down, left, right, and normal special. From what I've heard and seen, Naruto makes no more grunts or comments while fighting (Ex. Like in CoN2 when you do a recovery roll he goes,"Whoooooaaaahhhhh!!!") That will take some getting used to. Too bad there is no Sasuke. I would've liked to a see a Chidori Stream here or there. But with Granny Chiyo now, I don't think it matters. Sasori looks just awesome in this game. Hoping for the best. You've perfected this game Tomy!!!

Avatar image for crazybankai9

oh snap theres wi fi

Avatar image for ansef1x

i hope in the next game they put interactive stages that could help or kill you and maybe 3 or 4 man tag team specials like the show would make u do and i also want them 2 change the specials for hinata shino kiba rock lee neji choji baki asuma kurenai jaraiya tsunade orochimaru and certain other people 2 like no offence or anything the game is sick and i love it but i just want them 2 get different specials and different moves

Avatar image for Halcalix

If I get to play as Deidara or Itachi, ill be happy with it:D I am an ultimate fangirl of those two!

Avatar image for BLuFAlc0n

SUPER SPECIAL AWESOME!!!!! Kakashi is pure legend!

Avatar image for ansef1x

i just wanna make sure that certain people r in the game glad that chiyo is in the game hope sasori second form is in the game and hope we do not get lag and no offence i want sasuke in the game but not in this game i want him in shippuden number 4 with the hidan and kakuzu arc that would be so epic and live

Avatar image for shinigamikid

It about time they'll put Chiyo. It be more fun now to played the Rescue Gaara arc now. Tomy, keep bringing all the surprises! This may be the best CONR series yet!

Avatar image for zestolime

sounds awsome

Avatar image for thebestgamereve

im not really looking foward to this game but do have wii the only naruto game i got was on ps2 naruto ultimate ninja, i reall just watch show and read the manga

Avatar image for zako94

ok i am getting a new WII

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