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Naruto Live-Action Hollywood Movie Announced

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Hollywood studio Lionsgate is adapting Naruto into a live-action movie.

Japanese magazine Shonen Jump, where the mainline Naruto manga series was published weekly, revealed that Michael Gracey will be making his directorial debut with the project. Gracey previously served as visual effects supervisor on 2005's The Magician.

The movie is in pre-production and series creator Masashi Kishimoto is involved. As of yet a release window for the movie has not been announced.

Naruto tells the story of Uzumaki Naruto, a young boy that is shunned by the people of his village because he is the vessel for the legendary nine-tailed demon fox that terrorised the world years ago.

The story follows Naruto's journey as he attempts to become a ninja and gain acceptance from the people of his village. Along the way bonds are broken, new threats emerge, and Naruto is forced to confront the darkness within him.

Naruto has been a hugely successful series. As a manga, it has remained one of the most popular since it was serialised in 1999 and often appeared in the top three rankings alongside One Piece and Bleach. It has also spawned numerous animated movies, video games, and other merchandise.

While the main Naruto series has now ended, a new spinoff following his son is currently being published. An anime adaptation of this spinoff is also in development.

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