Naruto Is Coming To Fortnite On November 16

You better believe it.


It's official, Konoha's loudest ninja Naruto Uzumaki will be making his way to Fortnite soon. Epic Games confirmed the news this week in a tweet, although details on other characters and items are being kept secret with a top-level binding jutsu by the company.

Fortnite has been teasing Naruto content, specifically from the Shippuden series that follows the titular shinobi into a major ninja world war, for quite a while now. Epic COO Donald Mustard confirmed the crossover back in August, while a more recent patch started setting the stage for Naruto's arrival. Dataminers discovered that a new NPC codenamed "HeadbandK" is set to come to the island soon and will act as a boss, and once defeated the character will drop an explosive kunai. A move straight out of Naruto's ninja playbook.

If you're still wondering just what the big deal is about Naruto, then you've likely missed out on one of the biggest manga and anime series of all time. First serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump in 1999, Naruto became one of the big three manga series in that publication alongside Bleach and Naruto, and by the mid-2000s it had become massively popular in the west.

There's no shortage of Naruto games starring the young ninja either, ranging from dedicated adaptations of his adventures to him sharing the spotlight with other anime heavyweights such as in the soon-to-be digitally delisted Jump Force.

For more on Fortnite, you can check out the latest patch that adds the combat pistol to the sandbox, as well as our story detailing how you can earn an easy 150,000 experience points by interacting with the new NPC Shadow Ops.

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