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Naruto continues rise on 360

Ubisoft to follow up last year's Rise of a Ninja with holiday release of The Broken Bond exclusively for Microsoft's console.


Last year, Ubisoft Montreal developed Naruto: Rise of a Ninja for the Xbox 360, the first game based on the popular anime that was developed outside Japan. The Western interpretation of the series is set to continue, as Ubisoft today announced a direct sequel to that project, Naruto: The Broken Bond.

Picking up from the original game, The Broken Bond finds Naruto having established himself as a player in the ninja community. That rubs his best friend Sasuke the wrong way, and the resulting friction allows the antagonist Orochimaru to drive a wedge between the two.

Ubisoft didn't disclose new gameplay details about The Broken Bond, but it did confirm the original title's online tournament mode would be making a return.

Naruto: The Broken Bond is set for release this holiday season in North America, Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan. For more on the original Rise of a Ninja, check out GameSpot's review.

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