NARC marked for 2005

Midway has officially delayed the controversial remake of its arcade classic.


Earlier this year, Midway stirred up interest--and controversy--when it revealed details about NARC. Like its arcade inspiration, the console crime actioner will profile a group of undercover DEA agents bent on getting dope, hash, crank, crack, meth, ice, smack, e, LSD, PCP, shirm, blow, screamers, laughers, Quaaludes, roofies, non-prescribed OxyContin, Percpops, and any other illegal intoxicant off the streets.

However, the new NARC will let players' character imbibe some of the substances they confiscate for short-lived combat benefits--and long-term gameplay consequences. For a full run-down on the game's chemical smorgasbord, check out GameSpot's hands-on preview.

Many industry-watchers expected election year politicians hold up NARC as the latest example of games' dubious morality. Now, it appears that will no longer happen. During its Q1 2003 earnings report today, Midway revealed that has delayed NARC release until 2005.

Officially, the reason for the delay had nothing to do with its potentially explosive subject matter. "Moving NARC into 2005 will give that game a better competitive launch window," said Midway in a statement. While some may be skeptical of the company's line it is valid; were NARC released in q4 2004, it would face competition from the year's 800-lb gorilla of law-and-disorder games, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

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