NaNiwa opts out of NationWars, explains motivations

After a few days of tension, NaNiwa decides to leave his spot in the upcoming NationWars.


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Those who were eagerly awaiting NaNiwa's appearance in the upcoming NationWars might be saddened to know that the Swedish Protoss will apparently not be playing in the upcoming tournament. Why? Drama, mostly. It looks like the problem began when Naniwa purportedly made it known that he would only participate if Miniraser and Thorzain were absent from the team. That, in turn, led to insinuations of bullying in a Swedish national paper. Today, NaNiwa issued an update on the NationWars situation via a blog on

I am not very good friends with them however so ofcourse i wouldnt want to play with them in a teamleague together as it wouldnt feel right / be fun for me. But people seem to think that i threatened wake to get my will through which is certainly not the case. I simply told him that i dont match well together with miniraiser and thorzain and therefor it would be better if i didnt participate in the league if they would, where he told me that he rather have me in the roster than them.

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