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NaMei to start for Star Horn Royal Club on March 13th

LPL record holder NaMei will become the starting ADC for Star Horn Royal Club on March 13th.

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After a late transfer that forced Royal Club into using their substitute ADCs for more than half the season, a source on Royal Club staff has confirmed with GameSpot that Zhu “NaMei” Jia Wen will be the starting ADC for Star Horn Royal Cub beginning on March 13th, 2015.

NaMei, who formerly made it to the quarterfinals of the 2014 Season 4 World Championships on Edward Gaming, is a LPL record holder, the only player in the league to make into all four LPL finals. Known for his domestic success, he will finally be taking his spot on the starting line-up of the team, replacing Royal Club’s temporary substitutes, Wei and HYY.

Star Horn Royal Club is best known for making it to the finals of Season 4 World Championships against Samsung White, thanks largely to the efforts of their ADC, Uzi, who has since then moved to OMG. The source claims that Zero and Insec both feel very confident in NaMei’s skill and believe that he approaches Uzi's level of play.

(Image: Daily Dot; Additional reporting by Rachel Gu)

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