Namco's Next Dreamcast Project

We learn that the Soul Calibur team is currently working on a new game for the Dreamcast. Details inside.


By now you've read that Soul Calibur was voted's Game of the Year, and deservedly so. It is filled with 3D-fighting innovation, laced with a presentation level second to none, and it possesses truly inspiring gameplay. Let's not forget the fact that it brought together two of the industry's most famous opponents, Sega and Namco. Only Sonic appearing in a Super Mario game could have been more unlikely.

Now that Soul Calibur 2 has been announced for the arcade, and the PAL version of SC has just recently been completed, what is Namco's Soul Calibur team up to? We have no idea, but we know that it isn't Soul Calibur 2. However, we have confirmed that the team is developing a game for the Dreamcast. Hip hip hooray!

Previously, Namco had gone on record saying that there would be at least two more Dreamcast games coming from the company, although it was unknown what exactly these games would be. Namco also said that it would bring games to systems that had previously appeared in some form on the PlayStation platform. If we go through a list of the most likely candidates, this is what you're most likely to come up with:

1) Klonoa: If this is the case, at least 75 percent of the GameSpot and staffs would have kittens, as this is one of the most highly respected and highly rated platform games of the next-generation era.

2) Ace Combat: If Namco could do, proportionately, with the Dreamcast, what it did with the PlayStation and the Ace Combat series, millions of flight-combat fans around the world would sit up and bark. The mind reels at the thought of it. Aero Dancing? Whatever!

3) Tekken: We need not even mention the shockwaves this would cause. Namco already showed Sega how to do 3D fighting with Soul Calibur. If Tekken and Virtua Fighter 4 ever landed on the same console, all Hell would break loose.

4) Smash Court: Little known outside of Japanese, Namco's cartoon tennis game is an unlikely candidate for Sega's flagship system.

5) Family Stadium: Namco's big-head baseball game would probably sell well in Japan, but since the Dreamcast's strength lies in its worldwide strength, chances that Namco is bringing out this niche sports title are slim to none.

6) Cyber Sled: Let's hope it's not this forgettable Battlezone wannabe.

7) Ridge Race: With Namco putting a lot of focus on Ridge Racer V for the PlayStation2, the chances of it being an RR game aren't as good as we'd like. You never know though.

8) Time Crisis: With the crappy quality of the current third-party peripheral releases, Namco would likely have to create its own light-gun peripheral for the Dreamcast, an added expense that it might not want to undertake. If the company were to make the gun backward-compatible with House of the Dead 2, it would be a significant boon for the system.

9) Dragon Valor: This series, which has just been released in Japan for the PlayStation, is a dark-horse contender. Don't expect it to be this one.

10) Tales of Destiny: It be an out-of-left-field choice if Namco were to bring this game to the Dreamcast, but a potentially awesome one at that. Having sold like mad in Japan (along with its prequel), this game, brought to the US, could give the Dreamcast a heavy-hitting RPG that doesn't originate from Game Arts or Square.

When we find out more news on this potential blockbuster, we'll certainly let you know. In the meantime, let your mind wander at the greatness in store for Dreamcast owners. If Namco's doing it, you know it's going to be good.

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