Namco to run new edition of Half-Life: Counter-Strike in LAN arcade

Namco brings the popular tactical first-person shooter to arcades.



According to Impress Gamewatch, Namco has acquired the license for Half-Life: Counter-Strike from Valve Software and created a version of the game named Counter-Strike Neo for use in its upcoming LAN amusement facility. While Counter-Strike Neo will not make any drastic gameplay changes to the original, it will include a number of additions, such as an original storyline that will revolve around two major forces engaging in war. The skins used in the game will also be original, and characters will change depending on their battle history. Other changes and additions will include a localized Japanese menu, simplified settings, and a tutorial for beginners.

The client for Counter-Strike Neo is based on the latest edition of Half-Life: Counter-Strike, and it can be updated whenever a new version is released. The game will be played on a LAN, accommodating anything from two-on-two matches to large-scale clan wars. In addition to the maps from Half-Life: Counter-Strike, Counter Strike Neo will have original maps for two-on-two play.

Counter-Strike Neo is scheduled for operation only at a LAN amusement facility in Tokyo named LED Zone, and there are no plans to allow arcade users to play against external PC users. The game is expected to cost a few hundred yen for every 20 to 30 minutes, and it will be featured in a futuristic machine case instead of the traditional PC chassis to accommodate the facility's atmosphere.

Experimental services will begin in late April.

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