Namco spins Tales of Legendia on the PS2

Newest "Tales" game from Namco set to adventure on Sony's console; Legendia combines RPG and action elements in a 3D realm.


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Namco Hometek today announced that Tales of Legendia will be coming to the PlayStation 2 in winter of 2006. Tales of Legendia is being developed internally by Namco, with some members of the Soul Calibur development team working on the game. This latest title in Namco's long-running "Tales" franchise will be a role-playing game with real-time action.

Namco has only revealed fragments of the Tale of Legendia's opening. The beginning sees Senel Coolidge stranded in a lifeboat at sea with his sister, Shirley. Just as he thinks the end is near, Senel sees an island approaching. As they make shore, he realizes it's not an island at all, but rather, it's the deck of an odd ship.

The characters in the game were designed by Kazuto Nakazawa, known in America for his work on the animated sequences of Kill Bill: Vol. 1.

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