Namco Bandai teases new worldwide arcade title

Unannounced title in development at Singapore studio; no plans for the title to be on console at the moment.


Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Namco Bandai announced that its new studio in Singapore is working on a new game IP.

What do you think the mystery arcade game will be? Miss Pac-Man? Xevious?
What do you think the mystery arcade game will be? Miss Pac-Man? Xevious?

The publisher told GameSpot Asia that the arcade title will be released worldwide on an unannounced date. So far, 15 people in the Singapore development office are working on it, including former developers from the LucasArts Singapore office.

Makoto Ishii, Namco Bandai division manager for amusement machine group 2, said that there are no current plans to release the new arcade game on consoles. Ishii also did not clarify whether the new arcade title will be related to past Namco Bandai IPs like the Gundam, Tales, and Tekken series.

In related news, Namco Bandai Singapore president Hajime Nakatani clarified that the Singapore studio will be focused on game development, though the studio may have plans to set up a localization division in the future. Namco Bandai Singapore will also do game development work outsourced by the Japanese headquarters. The company set up the studio because past efforts that involved collaborating with Asian game development partners were successful.

Namco Bandai will reveal the new arcade IP "in the near future," as development for the title started last month. For more information on Namco Bandai's latest title, check out GameSpot's coverage on Gundam Breaker.

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