Namco announces Smashing Drive Xbox

Early 2002 release planned for Namco's first US Xbox title.


Namco announced that its first US Xbox title would be Smashing Drive, a home conversion of an arcade title released earlier this year. The game is an arcade-style racer in which your goal is to deliver a fare to the destination in as short a time as possible. Players will be encouraged to do whatever it takes to get to their destination, including running vehicles off the road, taking shortcuts through malls and buildings, jumping over traffic jams, and blowing obstacles clear from the path.

The game will be broken up into four shifts: early bird, rush hour, night owl, and dusk and wired. Each shift will offer several routes through to the finish, which will be a necessity when competing against a CPU opponent. Aside from saving time, players will also gain extra points by taking "risky routes" on their way to a destination. High scores will unlock other levels in the game. In addition, Smashing Drive will feature a two-player mode for head-to-head competition against friends and a survivor mode that lets players revisit any successfully completed circuit and compete against the CPU with no time limit.

Smashing Drive is expected to ship in early 2002.

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