Namco and Hooters Team Up for New Japanese Arcade Bar

Opening December 18.


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Pac-Man and Dark Souls publisher Bandai Namco has announced a partnership with restaurant Hooters for a new arcade-bar in Japan. In an announcement (translated by Kotaku), Bandai Namco confirmed that the new restaurant, called Gaming Bar Side-B, will open in the Shibuya shopping district.

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The arcade opens for business on December 18. An all-you-can-play/all-you-can-eat package for 30 minutes goes for ¥1,500 ($12). Should you want to stay longer and eat more, every 30 minutes after costs another ¥500 ($4).

As you can see in the artist renderings, the Gaming Bar Side-B will offer a variety of games and drinks. The renderings are somewhat unsettling, given that the people look like ghosts. It's also unclear what connection Bandai Namco has to this new Hooters establishment outside of having its name on the building.

Bandai Namco also runs its own restaurant dedicated to Pac-Man. It opened earlier this year in Chicago and looks completely amazing.

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