Nakamoto Makes It Official

Former Wing Commander player signs with GT and opens his own Austin studio.


Rod Nakamoto is the latest designer to join the GT Interactive family. The former executive producer at Origin Systems (responsible for the latest two installments in that company's Wing Commander franchise - Prophecy and Secret Ops) has formed his own studio, Bootprint Entertainment.

The studio will focus on PC and platform development, with the first project on its slate an engine for Bootprint's first title, "a character-based action/strategy PC game scheduled for release in the year 2000."

Bootprint's 16-person workforce is divided into two teams, and GT foresees the studio growing to approximately 30 employees by January. Besides Nakamoto, the Bootprint ensemble includes Frank Roan, director of product development; Jeff Grills, director of technology; and a team that includes people who have worked on Starcraft and Wing Commander Prophecy, among other titles.

This company is but the latest addition to GT's roster of internal developers; Cavedog Entertainment, Humongous Entertainment, SingleTrac, and Oddworld Inhabitants are other similar GT-owned studios.

GT Interactive said that it plans to leverage Bootprint Entertainment's proprietary technology (such as that engine in development) throughout its studios "in order to enhance quality and speed up development time."

Like Origin, Nakamoto's studio will be based in Austin, Texas.

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