N64's Perfect Dark Was Meant to Have a Sister Game, Velvet Dark

We could have had more Perfect Dark on N64.


Rare had plans for a spinoff to Perfect Dark called Velvet Dark, the studio's creative director, Gregg Mayles, has revealed.

The longtime Rare employee, who has led the studio since the departure of the Stamper brothers in 2007, has been sharing bits of the company's history on Twitter in the lead up to the release of Rare Replay. This includes a look at a complex grid used for balancing Viva Pinata's ecosystem, the graph paper design for the snake level in Battletoads, and the design document for a game that would become Blast Corps.

Perhaps most interesting among the things Mayles has posted is a picture of a design document for something called Velvet (seen below). "There was a planned 'sister' title to Perfect Dark called Velvet Dark," he wrote.

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Asked what system the game would have been for, Mayles responded, "N64 if I remember rightly."

Unfortunately, he hasn't offered any other details about the project, and what he shared was only the table of contents for Velvet Dark's design document. Still, from that we can glean that it would have had a multiplayer component and some kind of Game Boy Advance compatibility, the latter of which would suggest the game may have been for GameCube, not Nintendo 64.

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In Perfect Dark, the protagonist--Joanna Dark, who goes by the name Perfect Dark--seems to have a sister named Velvet. This is the character players assume the role of in the game's co-op mode.

Perfect Dark did receive a companion game for Game Boy Color, and one full sequel in Perfect Dark Zero. The Xbox 360 game launched shortly after the release of the console back in 2005 and was panned by most fans as a mediocre shooter. The original Perfect Dark was ported to Xbox 360 in 2010 and is included in Rare Replay, the 30-game collection of past Rare games coming to Xbox One next week.

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Hard to believe this was just recently revealed as it was common knowledge back in the day.

I believe it was reported in Game Informer if I remember correctly.

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I really wish they would put the Rare Replay set on PC.

Avatar image for redwin

@Jedilink109: win10, get it for the box stream to pc

Avatar image for Jedilink109

@redwin: I don't want to buy a frickin XBOne for this. I only have a PC. It's not like they CAN'T port this stuff, people port games all the time. It'd still be on Windows products.

Avatar image for Megavideogamer

Would be good if Velvet Dark was made, maybe it is not too late. Velvet Dark could be a new Xbox one game. If Rare could make it.

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"Velvet Dark" sounds like a great candy bar. Maybe something can be salvaged from this...

Avatar image for advertschildern

Perfect Dark zero was't a sequel it was a prequel

Avatar image for xdude85

I've waiting for a proper Perfect Dark sequel for so long, too bad the old Rare we know and love is gone.

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I love how this trash site puts some dirt on perfect dark for the xbox360 and soon to be on xboxone "perfect dark was panned by most fans as a mediocre shooter" we would not want people thinking of buying a xboxone or 360 I guess that's why this scum bag said that stupid bias comment also how the hell was perfect dark zero mediocre in 2005 !?!! The game was awesome and had some of the best graphics of its time and even to this day it looks great .the game was awesome and on this same site in 2005 the game got something like a 9.0. So yea its crap lmfao. This site is a joke its nothing like it was 10 years ago its a Sony owned troll site

Avatar image for normanislost

@emptycow718: erm perfect dark zero was mediocre and that's precisely why the IP is now dormant

but as for the rerelease it's in a bundle of 30 games......you can't expect them all to be top notch

Avatar image for advertschildern

@emptycow718: it wasn't a bad game it just took out the best customization options for multiplayer and that hurt it with lot of fans

Avatar image for BruceWayneJr

@emptycow718: Wow, calm down buddy. The game was crap, period. There's no conspiracy against your favorite console, xbro.

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i just wich they remake the exact original 007 game, same level design, same everything it was perfect, with orignal multiplayer maps and weapons with next gen graphics, why cant they just do it!!!!!!!!!!!

Avatar image for turtlesintime

Call me when Rare Replay makes it to PC.

Avatar image for cwv_rebirth

@turtlesintime: Stream it to your PC via the Xbox One.

Avatar image for emptycow718

@turtlesintime: u will never get called

Avatar image for DrunkenPunk800

@turtlesintime: You can play most of their games on pc as it is.

Avatar image for Marky360


Yea I have an emulator on PC with Perfect Dark and 007 on it.

Avatar image for Taegre

If I remember correctly, Velvet Dark was the name of the older, milf-y blonde character the second player takes control of in campaign co-op. Always bugged me how the original PD never explained who she was.

Avatar image for epobirs

@Taegre Remember how on 'Bewitched' and 'I Dream of Jeannie' the blonde lead character would have a brunette sort of evil cousin played by the same actress in a wig? Trade the hair colors and there you go.

Avatar image for skyhighgam3r

Wow, huge missed opportunity there.

Avatar image for abcdefgabcdefgz

If its not an actual game we will ever see who really cares? Instead of another perfect dark what did we get instead? I dont know nothing good.

Avatar image for guardianofhonor

Velvet Dark sounds sexy

Avatar image for subsided94

Thanks Microsoft, we definately wanted kinect sports instead

Avatar image for mddg_mmcc

@subsided94: +1

Avatar image for VirtualTofu

I remember I didn't buy PDZ when I first got a 360 because I heard it was terrible. I eventually bought it really cheap and totally regretted not getting it when it first came out. I LOVE that game. I have no idea why everybody seems to hate it except me. The multiplayer sessions I had with my cousin and brother were epic.

Avatar image for c_rakestraw

@VirtualTofu: Seems like it was really divisive. I've heard equal amounts of love and hate for the game. Curious to try it out for myself finally when I get Rare Replay.

Avatar image for cboye18

I jumped early on the Gamecube bandwagon, so I missed games like Conker and Perfect Dark. Goldeneye, DKC1/2 and Banjo Kazooie were really great games though.

Avatar image for DrunkenPunk800

@cboye18: You didn't miss much. Conker Live and Reloaded looked great, but was heavily censored. Perfect Dark was okay, but didn't really hold my interest. Kameo was alright.

Rare went completely downhill after the Microsoft buyout.

Avatar image for triryche32

@DrunkenPunk800: Actually their quality started slipping when Nintendo still owned them. They still made good games but there were a lot of crap games in between instead of the consistent hits. Think about it, would Nintendo even have thought about selling were they the sure fire consistent hit maker of old? Nope. So they got rid of them. PDZ & Kameo were ok, as was Viva Pinata (when I'm feeling masochistic), so they still have flashes of old school RARE here & there, but classic RARE is gone, probably for good.

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@7tizz: both and also be dlc

Avatar image for JoSilver

I hope Playtonic will make a spiritual successor to perfect dark one day.

Avatar image for XD375

@JoSilver: None of the Playtonic staff played a meaningful role in Perfect Dark's development. There were many teams at Rare, and for the most part, Playtonic's staff came from the team that made the first two DKCs, all three console Banjo games, Ghoulies, and Viva Piñata. Let's let these guys stick to what they do best.

Avatar image for silversix_

The best fps ever released, sold well and was extremely well received. In 2015 we still don't have a proper sequel. What the **** are you doing MS/RARE? Seriously wtf is wrong? Find time to make shitty games like the pirate garbage title Rare is currently developing but not Perfect Dark? FU!

Avatar image for divinejester

@7tizz: Perfect Dark wasn't even the best fps on its own system, that was Golden Eye, so whoa there fella.

Avatar image for advertschildern

@divinejester: Perfect Dark had some the same levels as golden eye but bigger. all the ge weapons could be unlocked for multiplayer.

Avatar image for shiel44


PD was Goldeneye but 10x better in every respect! I loved Goldeneye too but PD was by far the better game. I loved more hours in multilayer in that game then I think in any game since! It was just so deep and highly customizable. I can't think of a single shooter since that has matched what it accomplished!

Edit: PDZ was terrible though.

Avatar image for silversix_

@divinejester said:

@7tizz: Perfect Dark wasn't even the best fps on its own system, that was Golden Eye, so whoa there fella.

wtf? PD WAS golden eye but better, had more content and graphically superior. saying that golden eye was better is pretty damn ignorant. Also, the setting in PD is waaaaay more interesting than killing russians in every level...

Avatar image for harold317

@divinejester: Perfect Dark improved over Goldeneye in almost every way, but GE is still awesome. It's like what Banjo-Kazooie was to Super Mario 64, but that doesn't mean I don't love SM64.

Avatar image for diaproject

So they still have the basic concept left over? Do it, now!!

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