N64 DD Titles Become Cartridges

Titles originally slated for the Nintendo 64's Disk Drive now announced as cartridges.


Nintendo made announcements in Japan that four of its originally planned 64DD titles - Kirby 64, Super Mario RPG 2, Fire Emblem 64 and Mother 3 - will now be released on the N64 ROM cartridges instead.

Nintendo has also officially announced the following games for the Japanese market: Perfect Dark, Panel De Pon 64, Jet Force Gemini, and Zelda 64 Gaiden.

A month after the North American release, Nintendo will finally be releasing Super Mario DX for the Game Boy Color in Japan. The company has also stated that Star Wars Episode 1 Racer will be coming to the Game Boy Color in Japan (a US version is slated for an October release).

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