N-Gage gets first Capcom game, renamed driver

A city-builder from the Japanese publisher joins the game formerly known as High Gear on Nokia's mobile roster.


Asphalt: Urban GT

Today Nokia announced that two more titles will join its growing library of N-Gage games. Catan, based on the cult board game series Settlers of Catan, will be the first N-Gage release from Capcom and will be in stores by early 2005. Asphalt: Urban GT, a 3D racing game from French mobile game developer Gameloft (an arm of Ubisoft), will be available by the upcoming holiday season. Asphalt: Urban GT is the renamed High Gear, a game shown at last May's E3.

In Catan, players use a combination of strategy, skill, and luck to colonize the island of Catan. Gamers expand their civilization--and squeeze out the civilizations of competitors--by occupying land and building roads, settlements, and cities. With the N-Gage’s Bluetooth functionality, gamers can play the multiplayer mobile version and compete with up to four players untethered.

Asphalt: Urban GT challenges players to race "dream cars" around the globe while competing for money and the ability to unlock racing tracks and customize their cars. “Asphalt: Urban GT lets you race your customized Lamborghini down the Champs-Elysées in Paris--a thrilling experience,” says Pasi Polonen, director of games publishing at Nokia. The game also offers wireless local multiplayer gaming for up to four players, with several different racing modes.

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