Mythica E3 2003 Preshow Report

Microsoft's upcoming massively multiplayer game will be on display at E3 2003.


Microsoft's recently announced online role-playing game Mythica will be on the show floor at this year's E3. Mythica is being developed in-house at Microsoft, and it will let you play as a fallen Viking hero in search of godhood.

The unusual online role-playing game will take place in the time of the ancient Norse gods, such as Odin, Thor, and Loki. In the game, your character is a fallen Viking hero summoned by Odin to do battle with an army of powerful fire giants in the coming battle of Ragnarok. Though your character will be immortal and can't die permanently, you'll remain just another fallen hero in Valhalla unless you can increase your power. You'll do this by securing the worship of one of three races: the alfar (elves), the dvergar (dwarves), or the humans. Each of these races has different beliefs, customs, and powers, and by securing the worship of one of them, your character will be able to grow in power and specialize in different abilities. For instance, the dvergar are master craftsmen, so you if decide to align your character with them and continually raise your standing with them by fighting for their cause, your character may gain access to powerful crafting skills and may even begin to physically resemble that race.

Mythica will feature something that Microsoft refers to as "private realms technology," a feature that will let the game create a dynamic playing field, or "playscape," for your characters. Playscapes will not only provide room for your characters to explore, but they will also react to your character's actions by providing additional quests to complete, enemies to conquer, and treasures to rescue. In addition, you'll constantly seek not only the favor of the mortal races, but also that of your patron god, whose powers will also help shape your own. Mythica will be released next year.

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