Mythic Quest Season 2 Gets May Release Date On Apple TV+, First Teaser Arrives

The hit series is back from quarantine and working on the next expansion for the MMORPG.


Mythic Quest Season 2 is returning to Apple TV+ very soon. The next installment of the comedy series arrives on May 7, and a new teaser has arrived.

With the Raven's Banquet expansion out of the way, and Poppy and Ian are on to their next project, which needs a name first. Check out the duo trying to figure out the next Mythic Quest chapter in the newly-released teaser below.

Mythic Quest follows game developers of a massively-successful MMORPG. Season 2 will take place in a post-pandemic world, with everyone returning to the office to get back to work. Poppy must work alongside Ian, as she was recently promoted to co-creative director. Additionally, the season will deal with C.W.'s past, the relationship between the testers, and David's assistant leaving him.

And while this show is created by It's Always Sunny in Philedelphia alumni Rob McElhenney, Charlie Day and Megan Ganz, Mythic Quest's characters won't remain stagnant. "We recognize that this isn't Sunny where the characters remain exactly the same and never grow or change or learn anything for 15 years," explained McElhenney during the Apple TV+ presentation. "This is the kind of show where the characters are going to evolve and their relationships are going to evolve. And so we knew that Ian and Poppy's relationship is has always been at the center of the show, and yet it can't always just be this one note combative relationship and that the only way that this is going to work--and has worked in the past and will continue to work in the present--is to recognize that it is a fully realized three-dimensional relationship that has its ups and it has its downs. And if we were always just constantly at odds with one another, then I don't understand why these two people would ever work together, let alone be as close as they are so we need to see them at their best, and we need to see them at their worst and at the end of the day, no matter what they're, they're going to be there for each other."

The show landed in some hot water during production for Season 2 after there was a COVID outbreak during production. McElhenney spoke about changes on set for Mythic Quest and making safety a priority during the TCA presentation.

Mythic Quest Season 2 lands on Apple TV+ on May 7.

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