Mythbusters Props, Including A Buster Dummy, Being Auctioned For Charity

A mechanical Jaws shark, a huge Newton's Cradle, and Buster the dummy are just a few of the Mythbusters props being auctioned off for the Grant Imahara STEAM Foundation.


It's been five years since the original incarnation of Mythbusters--hosted by Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman--came to an end. Now, fans of the series could own their very own piece of it thanks to an auction of several of the show's props, creations, and even one of the iconic Buster dummies. Even better, proceeds from the auction will benefit the Grant Imahara STEAM Foundation, named in honor of former host Grant Imahara, who died unexpectedly last year.

The online auction kicks off on Friday, August 20. However, you can get a preview of what will be available now. And trust us, if you were a Mythbusters fan, chances are some of this will look pretty familiar.

Among the items that will be up for grabs is a very big Newton's Cradle. This particular build was used as a scale model for the Season 11 episode where the team ultimately built a truly gigantic version of the popular desk toy out of cranes and wrecking balls. It would be hard to find a place for a wrecking ball Newton's Cradle in your house, but this scale version would be an interesting addition to your collection.

And, as previously mentioned, there will be a Buster up for auction. The crash test dummy was practically the show's mascot, being used for all kinds of experiments that saw it blown up, crashed into, and dropped from insane heights. Now you can let the dummy relax in your house.

Other items that will be available include a giant mechanical shark, Jamie's amphibious bicycle, a number of blueprints for various builds, and even the arrow machine gun built for a Season 8 episode.

Over 80 items will be auctioned off, with a portion of proceeds going to the Grant Imahara STEAM Foundation, which "provides mentorships, grants, and scholarships to underserved youth in the areas of science, technology, engineering, art and math," according to a press release.

While the auction doesn't kick off until August 20, you can take a look at a number of items and register to bid now. Meanwhile, Savage will be highlighting several of the props and builds being sold off on his website in a series of videos. Check out his look at the mechanical shark below.

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