Myth III unofficial patch

Nearly 18 months after the game's release, a volunteer effort has produced an update for Gathering's sequel to the Bungie strategy series.


MythDevelopers, a volunteer group of programmers and artists, has released a version 1.1 update for Myth III: The Wolf Age, which was originally developed by Mumbo Jumbo and released in October 2001 by Take Two's Gathering label. The patch is said to fix more than 40 gameplay and stability issues, and it includes two bonus maps to make them more generally available. The patch also includes some elements of the previous Myth games that were dropped in the third installment, notably the fetch and journeyman units and the assassins, stampede, and balls-on-parade multiplayer game types.

The MythDevelopers Web site also carries the news that a playable demo of the game is in the works. Multiplayer for both the full 1.1 version of Myth III and the demo version is supported by the MythDevelopers online service

The patch is available from the link below and from the MythDevelopers Web site. For more details on Myth III, check out our previous coverage.

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