Myth III Officially Announced

Gathering of Developers announces the third installment in the real-time strategy series.


Though the existence of Myth III was previously discovered through a Gathering of Developers promotional calendar, Gathering of Developers officially announced the third installment in the Myth series today. The game is called Myth III: The Wolf Age, and California-based developer Mumbo Jumbo will handle the game's development. The lead designer at Mumbo Jumbo is known for his work on Fallout, while the lead level designer has done work on the first-person shooter Sin and the action game Heavy Metal F.A.K.K. 2.

Bungie, the original developer behind Myth, believes Gathering of Developers and Mumbo Jumbo are fully capable of creating a game worthy of the Myth brand. "The teams at Gathering and Mumbo Jumbo have a real appreciation for what made the first two Myth games great," said Alex Seropian, co-founder of Bungie Software. "We're confident that their knowledge and experience will make Myth III a title that satisfies existing Myth fans and brings legions of new gamers into the fold."

Myth III: The Wolf Age takes place before the two previous Myth games created by Bungie Software, and it follows the journey of Connacht, the first emperor of the human lands. The game also features fully deformable terrain, three-dimensional units and environments, various multiplayer modes, and a strong storyline. Myth III: The Wolf Age will be available for both the Mac and PC platforms in November 2001.

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