Mysterious Prince Of Persia Remake Listed On Guatemalan Retailer

An enigmatic listing for a Prince of Persia Remake has appeared online for PS4 and Nintendo Switch, fueling speculation as to what it might be.


Prince of Persia fans have had a rough go of it over the years, with no releases in the franchise for a decade now. That might change soon, as online listings for a mysterious Prince of Persia Remake appeared recently. This was first noticed by Twitter user KenXyro, but several notable figures in the world of games Twitter picked it up, including journalist Jason Schreier, who seemed to hint at its legitimacy in a tweet of his own.

While retail listings often reveal the existence of upcoming games before their announcement, such as the BioShock and Arkham Collections--lending credence to its legitimacy--it's unclear exactly what a Prince of Persia Remake would be without further information. (The listing has since been removed.)

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The most likely option would seem to be a remastered version of the series' 3D trilogy, which would include Sands of Time, Warrior Within, and Two Thrones. However, it could also be a remake of the ill-fated 2008 Prince of Persia, which never received a follow-up despite strong reviews. It could even be something more unexpected, such as a full remake of Prince of Persia 3D, though that possibility seems very remote.

The most recent Prince of Persia game was 2010's Forgotten Sands, which was released along with the movie that shares the franchise's title. Additionally, Ubisoft announced a VR escape room titled Prince of Persia: The Dagger of Time back in July. Recently, footage of a cancelled Prince of Persia game from 2012 emerged on YouTube, and it resembled the combat-heavy gameplay of the original God of War series.

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