Mysterious Marvel Movie To Film In Australia, Might Be Shang-Chi

Marvel is returning to Sydney.

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A new Marvel movie will film in Sydney, though it's unclear at this stage what production it is. A news release from Mitch Fifield, Australia's Minister for Communications and the Arts, and New South Wales Minister for the Arts Don Harwin, confirmed that the "Untitled Marvel Studios Feature Film" will begin production at some point in 2019 in and around Sydney.

The Australian Federal Government put in $24 million from the "Made in NSW fund" to help entice Marvel and owner Disney to film in Australia. Filming will take place at Fox Studios Australia and "other locations" in the country. Disney claimed ownership of Fox Studios Australia as part of its acquisition of Fox.

It's not the first Marvel movie to film in Australia, as Thor: Ragnarok also filmed in the country.

According to Fifield, the new Marvel movie filming in Australia will create 4,700 new jobs and utilise the services of around 1,200 local businesses. In total, Australia is expecting to see "over $150 million of new international investment" related to this decision.

The production of the movie is expected to spend in excess of $100 million in New South Wales and establish as many as 770 jobs for local screen professionals specifically.

"The film needs a large workforce of highly specialised special effects technicians and will also require sophisticated stunts, all of which NSW's incredibly skilled and experienced screen industry can deliver," Harwin said in a statement.

"Marvel Studios thanks the Australian and NSW Governments and is thrilled to be returning to Australia to work with the talented and highly skilled Australian crew, stunt performers, and actors together with the thousands of small businesses across Australia that supply world class equipment, goods, facilities, and services to large budget productions," Marvel Studios vice president David Grant said.

According to Sydney Morning Herald, the Marvel movie shooting in Sydney is Shang-Chi, which would be Marvel's first superhero film starring an Asian protagonist.

The next Marvel movie is the much-anticipated Avengers: Endgame, which will wrap up 10 years worth of MCU storytelling.

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There are so many other characters that deserve a film over shang-chi.

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@uubershikamarux: ohh sure but this will make the most news since it's the first Asian-led superhero film.

Disney wants to do alot of FIRSTs in diversity. they treat it like dangling keys. its pretty sickening. but in all honestly id rather this then them change the race of a character

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@alastor529: Theories that inflate our political egos are fun, but the truth is there’s a lot of money to be made in Asian markets.