Myst V: End of Ages demo released

Get an early look at the final chapter of Cyan Worlds' epic adventure series; download now available on DLX.


Myst V: End of Ages

It's been 10 years since developer Cyan Worlds' adventure series Myst first captured gamers' interests by dropping them into a new world with little to no guidance and then letting them figure it out from there.

Keeping true to the series' tradition of sink-or-swim immersion into the game experience, publisher Ubisoft has released a 276MB demo of Myst V: End of Ages with no official description or readme file attached to it. However, gamers who download the demo (which is available now from GameSpot DLX) aren't entirely on their own, as there's a short introductory sequence to acquaint them with the mystery of the pedestals.

The final installment in the popular series, Myst V: End of Ages is rated E for Everyone and will retail for $49.99 when it's released in September. A $59.99 limited edition version of the game--packed with a strategy guide, an individually numbered lithograph, the game soundtrack CD, and a bonus DVD with a series retrospective produced by Turner Broadcasting--will also be available. For more information, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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