Myst engulfing DS

Seminal first-person puzzle adventure headed to Nintendo handheld in Europe this November; no US release announced.


Before The Sims broke its record in 2002, Myst was the best-selling PC game of all time, moving more than 12 million copies worldwide. This year, more than a decade after its mixed fortunes on consoles, the storied point-and-click adventure/puzzle franchise finally arrived on handhelds. Last June in Japan, Sega published a version of the game for the PlayStation Portable, which will be published later in the year in Europe by Midway Games.

Today, Midway has announced that Myst is also headed to the Nintendo DS across the Atlantic. Unlike the PSP version's vague release date, the DS edition has a release window of November in Europe. The newest rendition of the classic features source code rewritten to accommodate Nintendo's handheld and includes new audio and visuals. As with the PSP version, the upcoming DS version will contain bonus content from the Rime Age.

Unfortunately, whether Myst will turn up on stateside DSs remains unclear. Midway does publish Myst games in North America, where, somewhat ironically, French publisher Ubisoft holds the rights to the license. US Ubisoft reps had not responded to queries about the possibility of a DS Myst.

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IDK about MYST. I would def. buy it, but this game is best played in a small dark room, the only illumination is coming out of your screen. there you see a tired old book with the simple name MYST. you read through it and on the last page you see a picture of the island you have read about. it seems so realistic and moving at the same time. the question is, do you dare place your hand on the book? MYST cannot be fully enjoyed on a subway. it begs you to be engrossed into itself. the question then becomes if they can pull of MYST then what else can we get

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tbh lets face it on a ds its gonna be short, small and have no depth that the pc versions have thats why i think its gonna suck another pc version now that'd be good to hear but a ds remake that has lost all the things that made myst myst good graphics, large size and the length of gameplay all that will be gone

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those questioning how it will look on the DS, its all prerendered so it will look pretty much the same as on PC its pretty much just nice looking pictures on all 4 sides of you where ever you are, there is nothing that the DS really has to create like lighting, the only thing it has to do is animate levers and such ( levers arnt the most complex things ever :P )

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I wonder how they're gonna do sound related puzzles. Those would be a pain on hand-helds

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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cool, i played the first one...but i got bored with riven =P

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i'm a fan of the myst series

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I sure hope this comes over here. :|`

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cayne_phoenix the original game was mostly just still images so it should work fine on the DS.. the DS can produce some nice images.. and considering the original Myst had only like 256 colors to work with... there shouldn't be a problem

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Man I hope that it comes to the US the DS is good cause of the screen for such a touched based game

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Played it on the 3DO, played it on the PC, and already have on the go on my PSP, so, yawn. I guess this is nice for the people with DS's and no psp, in europe, who want to play myst, all five of them. Besides the screen is too small, no?

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this should be interesting... since myst is really graphics-focused, how is it going to turn out on the DS?

Avatar image for hegetshiskeys

I'll have to get this one!!

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This reminds me, I never beat Myst back when it originally came out of the PC. Damn, this fustrates me all over again :(.

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Cool, good way to combine the DS's touch screen and the point and click adventure games.

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pretty smart to port this game. should work quite well on the DS. i love the music from this game (have the official soundtrack)

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I will get this game if it comes to the US. When I was young I never got a chance to play it but always wanted to. The DS version sounds great because the stylus will work great as a mouse replacement, but not really sure what they were thinking about when they thought about putting it on the psp.

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OMG THE FATE OF ATLANTIS WAS AMAZING.. dont forget day of the tentacle, sam and max: hit the road, and full throttle..... man full throttle was BAD ARSE!!!!

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Man, I remember when I thought MYST was teh ****. I think it's interesting to see how our gaming standards have changed so much over the years. I think my favorite adventure of that time was INDIANA JONES: FATE OF ATLANTIS. Awww, I'm having a trip down memory lane; the JOURNEYMAN PROJECT just came to mind.

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I'm really hoping this comes stateside. If not, it's a definite import.

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hopefully, this will come out in the US. And the Wii could use this game too, or a game similar to it.

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Nice. I did like Myst. I don't know where my PC copy is so maybe I check this out.

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Evil_Tormentor, I agree whole-heartedly. I never played Sierra games much until I realized that my grandpa had a whole lot of them, and I loved them. Also, Monkey Island and Sam and Max were developed by the founding head of the company that made Psychonauts. It's honestly a great game series, and adventure point-and-clicks would do excellent on the DS.

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Avatar image for GC4ever

never got into the first one didn't know why there were sequels to it wait.........didn't the Myst series die a few years ago ITS THE ZOMBIE MYST KILL IT!!!!!! KILL IT!!!!!!!

Avatar image for Elrasiel

The Myst franchise was all about dragging the player into another world with a good screen and audio system...I don't think thats gona work on the DS.

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The perfect game to play when you are sitting on a toilet .. not on the go

Avatar image for evil_tormentor

sam and max, ,kings quest, and monkey island, all of these and more classic point and click adventure games should be released, so that the old gamers can re-enjoy them, and new gamers can experience the glory days of uber storytelling and witty dialogue without the flashiness of graphics.

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You can always import from Europe if the US release date remains undetermined or you cannot wait. DS is region free after all.

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@: XNbuck "i just wish they'd release some old Sierra On-Line games for the DS... i'd love to play king's quest and hero's quest (errr... quest for glory) on the go!" What about some UO ds? Hell, what about some Diablo DS? Hawt.

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never got to play the original, i'm kind of excited.

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Myst was kinda BORING. Hows about a roller coaster tycoon game? Or civilization

Avatar image for Miracle_Air

Oh cool, I might get this. :D ...If it comes stateside or if I can find it in some store imported...

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Myst on DS? Not a bad idea, but I don't know if it will sell all that well. Basically because all the fans of this kind of game, have mostly all played Myst.. And probably don't want to drop a bunch of cash getting the same game on the DS.

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O well, if it ends up released in Europe first I guess I'll import it.

Avatar image for Rayze78

Myst was pretty cool and everything, but is anyone going to pay $40 ( I assume) for a game they can get on the PC for a dollar off Amazon?

Avatar image for bluezy

I might be willing to check this out if it comes stateside.

Avatar image for RaiKageRyu

Myst is a good fit for DS

Avatar image for gmayronne

great, now you can be bored on the go....AWESOME!!!

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I hope they tweak the visuals a bit - it was quite tough to see clearly on the PSP screen, so they need to do some pretty major work to make it playable on the DS.

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FINALLY! Myst is one of the games I have been calling for on the DS for a while now! If this comes to the US, it will be another game to add to my ever-growing list of games! I only dread that damn sound test to make the rocket launch. I could NEVER do that. -_-

Avatar image for XNbuck

i just wish they'd release some old Sierra On-Line games for the DS... i'd love to play king's quest and hero's quest (errr... quest for glory) on the go! Come on, Vivendi... or whoever has the rights

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I love MYSt I"ve Read all the BOoks but i've never played any of the Games>>>>

Avatar image for YoBrandino

I was wishing for this to happen. I just hope it comes to the US. I would love to see the whole series too, cause I would love to play the whole series. I would also like to see it on the Wii. But I'll probally buy it all for the PC before any of that happens. Oh well, Horray for this!

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The DS is a perfect platform for Myst in my opinion.

Avatar image for allright6334

myst is definitely a classic. i hope it comes to the US

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Wow, how surprising, hope it turns out good.

Avatar image for comthitnuong

This is really unexpected. Myst does not seem like a game that would be put on the DS.

Avatar image for OfficialBed

never played a myst game before

Avatar image for Generic_Dude

LOL, I take my handhelds with me to RELIEVE boredom, not RELIVE it!

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